I have told my story on here before.

by Kaye

Hi .... just wondered if you have had women that use progesterone but it doesn't help? I have used Natpro and every kind of progesterone on the market...shots too. I've used high doses and low doses. Finally went to bioenergy clinic (allergy) and they tested me for progesterone and all the varieties that I had on hand. My body just won't accept it.

Is there something that can help that? I think they call it progesterone resistance. Have you heard of this? Wray tried to help me years ago.... so you know how long I've been working with this. The last blood draw my progesterone level was .5 as in nothing. I'm doing Cal D-glucarate for estrogen balance.

Any thoughts would be great. BTW Im taking drops to try to desensitize to progesterone.

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Mar 15, 2021
I have told my story on here before.
by: Anonymous

Hello Kaye,

Can you please explain in more detail what you mean by, "My body just won't accept it."? And what you mean by trying to "desensitize to progesterone."?

All human bodies make progesterone so I am not sure what you mean by "Progesterone resistance", as your body needs progesterone in order to function.

If you could provide us with a little more clarity on what happens when you do use progesterone and what adverse symptoms you are trying to remedy and we can take it from there.

Warm regards,

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