i have some questions!

by choe
(south korea)

hi wray.
i'm a 25years old woman who is come from korea. (so my english is not good. sorry.)

i had have many symptoms such as dry eyes, hair loss, grow belly fat, dry skin(psoriasis),hirsutism on my leg, and cold feet for about 6years.
they were started when i was a teenage and i was on big stress.
and these are came to me all together at once.

and also my menstruation periods are regularly but little bit long. (44~46days)
but thyroid problems are not on me.

many korean doctors said that my adrenal gland is not good. so if i stay on serious stress, my dht grows up and causes alopecia.
and they said my body heat balance is not good. so my feet are so cold, my head is so hot causing hair loss and dry eyes.

my most severe problems are hair loss and dry eyes.
i have lost about 50percent of my hair. and i'm suffering from my dry eyes.
but i am just 25 years old and i'm not menopause.

that many diseases of mine are symptoms of low progesterone level? is it possible to young girl like me?

i am taking the vitex(chaste berry) for about 14days (2caps per day). after then, i feel better in the morning and my foot grow warming when i taking the vitex. but my hair grew oily and thin. and when i took 3 capsules per day, i suffered from severe headache and vomit.
i have natural progesterone cream of course, i didn't use it yet. because i heard that i have to use it during ovulation period(2weeks before next period). so i'm waiting for the date.

so my questions are below.
1. many disease of mine(hair loss, dry eye, grow belly fat, cold feet, dry skin, hirsutism) are the symptoms of low progesterone level?
2. is it possible to young girl who was not in menopause?
3. my plan is taking the vitex everyday, taking progesterone cream during my ovulation period, taking vitamin d 5,000(1 capsule per 2~3days), and taking lignan capsule made from flaxseed extract.( i heard that lignan can serves omega 3,9 and controls estrogen in good way.) they will be good combination?
4. i said that i suffered from headache and vomit when i took the 3 vitex capsules per day. is it okay that using 100mg more progesterone cream?
5. is there some of young women who in my symptoms? they were cured with using progesteron cream?

my english level is poor but i really wanted to say my story to you.
thank you.


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May 13, 2015
i have some questions!
by: Wray

Hi Chloe Your English is very good, better than some who's language is English! I'm going to answer your questions starting at the top. Dry eyes can be caused by excess oestrogen, in it's worst form it's called Sjogren's Syndrome, see here. These are three more papers on Sjogren's, see here, here and here. There are many symptoms associated with Sjogren's, but a long menstrual cycle >35 days and high prolactin levels is of interest to me. Your cycle is very long, far outside the normal length of 21 to 35 days. Prolactin is an inflammatory hormone, and a long menstrual cycle means more oestrogen is secreted in ratio to progesterone. Oestrogen raises prolactin levels. Two of the studies found significantly higher levels of prolactin. One of the studies found a much higher prolactin:progesterone ratio than controls. Plus the oestrogen:progesterone ratio was greater, this of course is a prime example of oestrogen dominance. If you do decide to try progesterone, please use enough as too little will cause Oestrogen Dominance. We have a page on Hair Loss you could look through. Excess levels of testosterone or DHT will cause it. Excess testosterone also causes belly fat. It causes an increase in visceral fat, see here and here. And of course it also causes hirsutism. Stress does play havoc with our Menstrual cycle. I suggest you stop the vitex as it's an oestrogenic herb and you don't need more oestrogen! Lignans are also oestrogenic, see here. I suspect you have PCOS, you have many of the symptoms. Please read through this page, you'll see it is possible to reverse it, but it does take time. You will need to use the progesterone daily, ignoring any bleeding for at least 3 months if not longer. This will really top up your progesterone level. And use at least 100mg/day although 200mg/day will probably be better. So yes it is possible for someone of your age to suffer from what appears to be Peri-menopause, in fact PCOS is the commonest disorder in young women now. Please have a Vitamin D test done, I also suspect your level is very low. It's essential to get it up high, which means taking at least 5000iu/day if not 10,000iu/day. A lack of vitamin D is involved in so many disorders and diseases, and a lack reduces the benefits of progesterone. So it's essential to get the level up high, so that the progesterone will work well. Take care Wray

May 13, 2015
thank you wray! how about MSM?
by: choe

hi wray!
thank you for your response and kind words!
then, you mean that i have to use progesterone cream from now ignoring my ovulation period?
my ovulation will be 5th june.
but do i have to use it from today for at least 3months?

and i'm so confused. because a vitex is known as improving progesterone level in korea! many people said it can reduce prolactin level. so many korean women use it for curing their PCOS or PMS. but you said vitex grows estrogen.
i thought that i can use a vitex and a progesterone cream together.. but it will be not true..?

also korean therapists said lignan can control bad estrogen and uphold good estrogen level. also they said that the mechanism of both(vitex and lignan) is so different, so i can take both of it together!

how about your opinion with this situation in korea?

and how about MSM? i heard that MSM can increase collagen helping progesterone. as my hair loss progressed, my scalp is growing hard, thin and hurt. so i think collagen can help my scalp like progesterone cream.

wow.. i don't know what i can do!
yesterday night, i used progesterone cream 40mg and today morning also used it 40mg.
it is not bad.
but i want to know clear mechanism thos of them. i don't want to use wrong way.

please write back..
and thank you so much!

May 14, 2015
thank you wray! how about MSM?
by: Wray

Hi Chloe Yes I do mean you should ignore your period. You can start the cream at any time, today if you like. Vital cannot improve progesterone levels, it doesn't contain progesterone. It's active constituents are the essential oils limonene, cineol, pinene, and sabinene. The iridoid glycosides aucubin, agnuside, and eurostide. The flavonoids casticin, kaempferol, quercetagetin, orientin, and isovitexin. And the diterpenes vitexilactone, rotundifuran, and 6-beta,7 beta-diacetoxy-13-hydroxy-labda-8,14-dien. It also contains several essential fatty acids, including oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid. Yes it can also reduce prolactin levels, prolactin is an inflammatory hormone which can cause tender breasts, see here. It can help with luteal phase dysfunction, with subsequent problems in embryo implantation, see here. If prolactin is high then oestrogen is high and progesterone is low. So yes it can 'improve' progesterone levels, but only by suppressing prolactin if high. I see I forgot to give you the study showing it has a mild oestrogenic action, levels of 17 beta-oestradiol can increase. One study found mild ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome occurred in the luteal phase, see here. And if Prolactin levels are high both progesterone and the amino acid tyrosine are very affective at suppressing it. Everyone, not only in Korea, seems to think that if a herb/food has a mild oestrogenic action, then it's good as it will block the stronger oestrogens. But something they all overlook is the fact they are all oestrogens no matter how weak! See these studies here, here, here and here. Please read that page I gave you on hair loss, that's everything I could find on the subject. If you've heard that MSM is good, then try it, I can't say. Take care Wray

May 26, 2015
thank you Wray!
by: choe

hi wray.
i have some questions again.

if i try saliva hormone test, and if it shows high testosterone level and fine estrogen and progesterone level, is it possible?
in this case, progesterone cream also can improve hormone balance?
if women have hormone imbalance, and if she has many testosterone, it also shows high estrogen level and low progestsrone?

i mean, in women's body, high testosterone level means she has high estrogen and low progesterone?

if my progesterone level has no problem, how i can find cause of my diseases?
i'm afraid that my progeseterone level will be good and just my testosterone has problem only.

because some people says that women in hormone imbalance has high testosterone and low estrogen.

and the cream that i have is brand of the NOW. does it works?
i'm using it 100mg daily for a week.

i'm sorry for my discursive writing.
and thanks for your favor.

May 27, 2015
I have some questions
by: Joy

Hi Choe

Just looking at the Now product that you are using and it does not surprise me that progesterone is not helping you much. For a start it is not strong enough and secondly, I do not like some of the ingredients. Grapefruit seed extract should be avoided see here and soy should also be avoided. Vitex should also be avoided as Wray explained. All these things are not helping you at all. Take a look at this here.

You need to make progesterone the dominant hormone, only then will your symptoms start to improve. Wray has given you so much to read, please follow her advice. It is a lot of information to take in, so take your time. I agree with her, I think that you could have PCOS. Please have a Vitamin D test done as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone.

You need to ask yourself, with all that you are using and taking, are you feeling better? It appears not, otherwise you would not be asking why things are not working.

Hope this helps.

May 27, 2015
by: choe

oh i'm so sorry.
i want to add some again.

some people says that if testosterone is low, it can't works fine. so dht is increased for overcoming this environment.
on the other hand someone says that if testosterone is too high, it is transformed to dht.
who is right?

May 28, 2015
thank you joy!
by: choe

thanks for your response Joy.
yes, i know about the Naptro on this site.
but i live in korea so i have to get progesterone cream via iherb.
if you don't mind, can you recommend the better one on iherb?

and i already try to read Wray's explanation. but i have hard time to understand it well because i'm korean.
so i thought that i need to ask about it briefly to get what i want to understand it.

thank you!

Jun 02, 2015
Thank you Joy
by: Joy

Hi Choe

We do deliver to Korea, what made you think that we didn't? Click on the product that you need and follow the instructions. Most of the creams sold on iherb are not strong enough, you will have to use twice, sometimes three times as much cream to get the required amount of progesterone needed. Some could contain parabens, so please be careful.

What don't you understand about Wray's explanation? Let me know and I will see if I can help you.

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