I have had a hysterectomy but kept my ovaries could progesterone help me?

by Alison jones
(Uk, Plymouth)

I am desperate to understand how I am feeling, I had a hysterectomy 6 years ago and put on 3 stone in that time the last stone in the last 12 months. I constantly crave all the wrong foods high carbs etc. food is constantly on my mind a comfort. I have many menopausal symptoms such as flushes, bloated ness, fatigue, etc. I have been back and forth to the doctors who just seem to want to diagnose me with depression, I have been on sertraline for the past 12 months started on 50mg and doctors just increase it every time I go I am now on150mg, although calmer I am still very emotional, tearful and just feel generally unwell. I have my own business, work long hours and I attempt constantly stressed, I do not feel I am depressed just overloaded juggling life. In a desperate attempt to help my self I recently went to see a kinesiologist who told me I had a kidney imbalance due to lack of progesterone. Could this be correct? I am a bit wary as the research I have done suggest that progesterone is only needed if you have a uterus? Can progesterone help me for the reason stated?

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