I have had 4 miscarriages

by Al

I had my 1st miscarriage at 19 wasn't treated very nicely but being young shrugged it off fairly ok but grew a desire to have children where there previously was none !

I then met my future husbnd we decided to go for it and 4, yes 4 YEARS later my beautiful Olly was born. The pregnancy was normal the birth was normal the whole thing was textbook, so eager to add to our family we pressed on only to be told at the 14 week scan the baby had stopped oh my poor hubby suffered and having been through it before I was more optimistic and have a great belief in nature knowing best sometimes, so I supported him while he grieved very badly.

We then had a wierd blip when my body, tests and hormones said I was preggers but when I started bleeding there was nothing there ! Wonderfully later that year I had boy no 2 again a straightforwrd pregnancy and birth. Sadly 18 months later I had a terrible miscarrage and stupidly because the others had been such non events (very slow) I rang the hospital then went back to bed getting up every so often to change pads unfortunately I lost a vast amount of it down the loo and didn't realise I was haemoraging because I passed out 6 hours later after coming in and out of faints. I managed to squeak for my hubby who thought it was the cat and had been fast asleep just that bit too far from the bathroom to hear it all rushed me to A&E and saved my life - I had lost so much blood they had to fill me back up again !

So here I am contemplating maybe another baby - am I nuts yes but there will be no risks this time. I love my kids and wanted a big family but I won't be pushing my luck too hard/ My husband wants me more and I cannot be so selfish as to take that risk again - girls we have to remember we got with our partners to share our lives with them they feel too don't let our biology overtake our lives xxmuch lovexx

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Jun 25, 2010
I have had 4 miscarriages
by: Wray

Hi Al Thanks for sharing your story. Pretty traumatic by all accounts, but a happy ending! Take care Wray

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