I have had 15 miscarriages and want to share

by Meredith

Since the title is so sad, I have to state that I do have 2 live children as well... thanks to progesterone!

Years ago there was little research in the area of stress and infertility, or I couldn't find it anyway. I had one doctor tell me I wasn't ovulating when I clearly was as I was having positive pregnancy tests and then heavy painful bleeding with my miscarriages. Another doctor found that my level was borderline normal to low and that progesterone lozenges/troches were her protocol. Having taken Prometrium pills with no success, I endured the gag inducing chocolate troches for 12 weeks with each of my successful pregnancies. With each gag and rush of fatigue I knew it was working so I didn't care... having had 5-6 miscarriages by the time of my first pregnancy to term... I was willing. Now, my youngest is 6 and I am trying for a third (with a new and nicer husband)... my new ob will not prescribe the troches and will not prescribe anything until I get a + test!

SO, knowing my history, I have turned to natural progesterone cream. I called the compound pharmacy which gave me the troches and asked for comparison results using the cream... she said you never know exactly how it will be absorped by each person, but it should do the trick just perhaps without the "rush" of fatigue and nausea.

I now understand the interplay of stress and miscarriage... the stress hormone causes the progesterone to shut down (as I read here that is because its needed to produce the stress hormone to begin with so it can't focus on the job of maintaining pregnancy). First time I read that I was brought to tears over all my losses... each one of them to stress (and I'm talking extreme, abusive and long term stress) My body was probably in adrenal fatigue and I didn't know it. Its like taking the RU486 pills which act to block progesterone to cut of the pregnancy. All my miscarriages were as instantaneous as those are described to be, instantaneous to the stressor that is.

Not having access to the troches and prior to trying the cream, I had an additional 9 miscarriages. I am hoping that the cream will do what it needs to help me through a successful pregnancy! If not, help with my symtoms of estrogen dominance.

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Feb 28, 2010
I have had 15 miscarriages and want to share
by: Wray

Hi Meredith. I'm glad you do have two children, as that would have made very sad reading! I'm astounded you weren't given progesterone. It's always used after IVF etc., for recurrent miscarriages and pre-term births too. But why you had to endure the troches I don't know. Injections, suppositories and creams are far more effective. And far from getting a 'rush' of fatigue and nausea the cream gives you a rush of calmness! Admittedly some women get a reaction when first using it, but it's only oestrogen dominance. After a few days this usually passes, can take longer in some.

So if you do try the cream, please start using it before you fall pregnant, so your body stabilises. It can disrupt the cycle initially too. I'm happy to hear you are out of the abusive relationship, stress really does cause miscarriages! I had five, and each one timed exactly to a stressful event. On one occasion I separated two dogs fighting, I miscarried about 2 hours later! As you've had so many miscarriages I would recommend using a high amount of progesterone, and think you should consider about 200mg/day. Please see this web page on how to use it.

And this one for pregnancy.

Also consider taking taurine, this amino acid is vital for the developing foetus, it's also very calming. Also consider omega 3 fish oil, needed by the developing brain. Take care, Wray

Jul 28, 2010
Hope to help
by: Anonymous

I read your experience and just wanted to offer some help (I hope). I was suffering from estrogen dominance after having a tubal ligation. I had it reversed in Feb of this year in hopes of getting pregnant with my new husband. I was suffering from a fibroid and realized what the problem was. I began taking gentian root and bupleurum to clean myself of excess estrogen... this also helps to facilitate pregnancy and the traveling of the egg to the uterus, but is not needed after confirmed pregnancy. I also took b6 which is suppose to do 2 things... increase progesterone and metabolize estrogen... its best taken with folic acid and b12 which also help the liver to metabolize estrogen. You can take upward of 200 mg of the b6... it may cause some acne but if it helps you keep the baby I guess its something we can deal with. Also increasing fiber helps to dispose of estrogen since its in bile, so does chlorella. Also a liver cleanse with olive oil and lemon juice done right before the period is expected, when estrogen is highest in liver helps to significantly lower estrogen. This may help especially if you prepare your body for 2 months in advance before attempting another pregnancy. Hope this helps. I am a LVN and a major researcher... good luck.

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