I have become a mess


I work in a place where I am exposed to exhaust fumes daily, perfumes, body products, and chemicals from a company that makes pressed board products behind our office.

I have become a mess, stress and additional issues. I have anxiety, can't think clearly, depression, and I really believe this is from my body being broke down,. I haev ahd issues after every baby, when I wake in the morning, it seems to take my body a while to get going. I have been watching my symptoms for years, PMS every month, weight gain, I think my Thyroid is foff but the dcotor says not. I was on thyroid for few years and now I have been taken off. I need help. I am, 50 years old. I have a lot of questions. I react emotionally to the chemicals and mold as well as physical.

I have been using progesterone, symptoms seem to get a little worse at first, but that can happen right? I'm trying to take my temperature in the am to chart for my Thyroid, I can't get the temp to go above 96 when lying still, not sure if my thermoter is good. Random questions here, just feeeling like I am going crazy. I wrote last week, I am just anxious for answers. I will stick this out if you can help me to know that I am on the right track. From what I have read my body is a big mess ! Help. I am not concerned about my situation being published, I just need some help, please.

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Aug 01, 2011
Read my submission, it may help you.
by: Jodi, Perth Australia

Hi Annie,

I just read you article and I could see some similarities between us. I have had Hashimotos Thyroiditis for 6 years, and I now have fibroids and estrogen dominance since December 2010. I am also very sensitive to environmental estrogens (chemicals).

Read my article on Fibroids & natural progesterone. It has taken me a while to adjsust Nat Progesterone it but its finally starting to work. Progesterone supports your thyroid function also, while estrogen supresses it, making you feel hypothyroid and have a low body temp even if your tests dont say you are.

IfIi were you I would presist with the natural progesterone, try to find a decent doctor that will listen to you ( I had to go through quite a few to find one), and try to make some of the dietery changes that I've listed in my article, take Fatigued to Fabulous - I get it from the US, its not expensive and has everythign you need in it. Drink loads of water excersise and try to change jobs as it seems to aggravate your condition(I know that's easier said than done). Sometimes you need to take your health into your own hands.

I am just at a point now where after years of being tired, and having heavy periods and crazy pms, I am starting to feel normal. I have done alot of reading on natural progesterone and I strongly believe it is vital for women when we are aging. I know I didn't react to it well in the beginning but I am going to persist with it.

Good luck with things!!


Aug 04, 2011
I have become a mess
by: Wray

Hi Annie I'm a bit behind again, but I've just answered your previous query. Take care Wray

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