I had mastectomy for estrogen and progesterone positive breast cancer

by Kathleen
(Atlanta, GA)

Can I take progesterone? I read that it can prevent cancer in your "Does progesterone cause cancer?" question but I HAD it and it was both est and prog positive. I had a hormone test done through ZRT labs and even though I am post menopausal and my estrogen levels are low I am still estrogen dominant. BUT years ago I used progesterone cream and the levels built to to basically thousands of times higher than normal as evidenced by a second saliva test. It took months to get it back down. Plus Dr. Mercola published articles at that time which said he no longer recommended progesterone creme for that reason - it was building up too much. I am not on chemo or tamoxifin or amomatase inhibitor but I can't sleep and I think its because my hormones are so off plus I have PTSD.

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Apr 11, 2022
I had mastectomy for estrogen and progesterone positive breast cancer
by: Joy

Hi Kathleen

I totally agree with you, your hormones are 'off'. Yes most definitely you can use progesterone, it's needed as you are suffering from Estrogen Dominance. If progesterone supplementation is not used, one will always be estrogen dominant. It's estrogen that you need to be concerned about as I am sure you know. It's an excitatory hormone, a mitogen causing cells to divide and multiply. Please read Progesterone Misconceptions .

While each hormone test is important, it is the ratio between progesterone:estrogen that is important. You did not give your test results so I can't work that out for you but you can work it out yourself, see Hormone Testing page.

Why would your progesterone level get so high, and what is high? What cream were you using and how much? While Dr Mercola offers good health advice, his knowledge on progesterone is a little 'way off'.

So sorry to hear about your PTSD. Please read this page, Wray goes into some detail about it.

Please make sure that your Vitamin D3 level is optimal, you will benefit greatly. It is connected to every single functioning cell in our bodies making it vital. A deficiency also reduced the benefits of progesterone.

Make use of the search bar available and read the references and study papers.

Take care.

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