I had a miscarriage recently

by Niloofar
(London, Ontario, Canada)

2.5 months ago I had my period missed so I was shocked. I am 33 years old but a master student and had planned to be a mom after graduation.

I was happy also. After two weeks that ended in a miscarriage which was so sad for me. I still cannot beileve why I cried so much for one month. Then I started to read about miscarriage and I found out it was due to unlucky and unfortunate. Today after two months my period is missed again so I have no idea I am pregnant or not but I am scared. I have read about lack of progesterone and its effect of miscarrige and I do not know what to do to check my progesterone.

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Jun 29, 2010
I had a miscarriage recently
by: Wray

Hi Niloofar A lack of progesterone can cause a miscarriage. The reason you cried so much is probably because of the sharp drop in progesterone which caused the miscarriage. A drop in progesterone also causes serotonin and dopamine to drop. If these drop too low depression occurs. The best thing is to go to a doctor to have your level checked. Alternatively you can get a pregnancy testing kit from a drug store if you suspect you might be. These are not very sensitive, they pick up hCG in the urine, a blood test is more accurate, but only a doctor can do this. hCG begins to rise after implantation, you are now about 2 weeks after ovulation. The level will vary between 5-50mIU/ml, home kits normally only register when it gets to 20mIU/ml. If you are pregnant you might like to read our web page on Conception and Pregnancy. Take care Wray

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