I can sleep again!

by Nina
(New Jersey)

I am 43 and perimenopausal. I was experiencing severe hot flashes, night sweats that left me and the sheets soaking, mood swings, anxiety, unexplained weight gain and loss of libido. I started using a natural progesterone cream and after just 3 weeks, ALL of my symptoms dissappeared.

Just to be sure, I stopped using the progesterone cream for 8 days, and all of my symptoms returned. Again, I applied the progesterone cream and after 3 days, my symptoms disappeared again. I am sleeping through the night soundly, my depression has lifted and I feel wonderful. My libido has returned, my moods are very steady and I completely feel like myself again. The only down side to this scenario is that I also experienced moderate hair loss while using the progesterone cream. I am now seeking the advice of a doctor to figure out what's causing the hair loss.

I don't want to stop using the progesterone cream because it has helped ALL of my other symptoms. It even helps control my appetite and need for carbohydrate craving. Overall, I feel youthful and energetic and my skin even improved.

Progesterone is truly a miracle hormone when used appropriately.

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Dec 16, 2008
I can sleep again!
by: Wray

Hi Nina. This is wonderful news! The hair loss can be the result of too much oestrogen, which is converted in androgens. It's these which cause the hair loss.

Initially progesterone stimulates oestrogen receptor sites, making oestrogen more active. Although your other symptoms have gone, it appears the progesterone is still activating the oestrogen in this one area.

I would also suggest you take 2000mg/day of the amino acid N-acetyl cysteine and 2000mg/day of the B vitamin inositol, also called the 'anti-alopecia vitamin'. Hair, nails and skin all contain substantial amounts of cysteine. Take care Wray

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