I am planning to marry a close relative

by Shankar

I am planning to marry to a close relative (Mother's brother's Daughter). I am afraid our kids might be born with congenital problems. Are there any tests we should take before we plan our kids? Can we take some injection before marriage?

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Oct 21, 2010
Not good.
by: Anonymous

Don't have children. Any medical family health problems will be enhanced.

Oct 22, 2010
I am planning to marry a close relative
by: Wray

Hi Shankar I can only echo the other comment made, don't have any children. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to advise what tests you need, but I'm sure your doctor could help. Take care Wray

Oct 23, 2010
Not a good idea
by: Anonymous

If you lived in the United States it would be illegal to marry your first cousin. Your DNA is too close to each others that it could cause severe problems for an offspring between you two. There is a billion people in Asia; certainly you can find someone else to marry and have a family with other than your first cousin.

Nov 29, 2010
Do research; don't listen to others
by: Anonymous

These other comments are based on hearsay without education. If you are healthy and have no birth defects or congenital disorders, it is not a problem for first cousins to have children. But this is only once per family! You must research back to at least your great grandparents on all sides to make sure there was no progeny from first or second cousins. For first cousins the risk of birth anomoly is slightly higher than the rest of the population; if this is second time in your family for cousins to have offspring then the risk is about 100 times higher; if it is 3rd time, the risk increases to over 1000 times and so on. This is why many countries have laws against marrying first cousins. Second cousin is not so much risk. Do your research. Problems do not always show up in first generation; may show up in your grandchildren.

Jan 12, 2011
do research
by: Anonymous

hi shankar, if it is for the first time, the marriage between cousins in the previous generations until you, then its ok. See that you and your cousin n der parents are not progeny of consanguineous marriages. But if there is a chance avoid the marriage.

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