I am on progesterone cream and trying to get pregnant!

I on Progesterone cream and have been for almost a year. I was prescribed to take it days 16-25, then my doctor said every day and right now days 11-25 because I suffer from terrible insomnia and low back pains.

I recently got married (but I'm almost 40 years old) and we would like to have a baby. I just read on your website that if I take progesterone cream before my ovulation it will prevent me from ovulating.
I just realized that my ovulation symptoms are not there other than light cramping and low back pain. But I don't have a discharge that I would normally have. So I guess I'm not ovulating.

Today is the 14 day of my cycle (my normal cycle is 28 days) should I continue using the cream this month and next month wait until I have my ovulation to start using the cream?

My doctor said that it was safte to use the cream while I'm trying to conceive. I can't believe it.

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Jun 30, 2009
I am on progesterone cream and trying to get pregnant!
by: Wray

You were given a strange protocol to follow. It should only be used from ovulation, which is when we start making our own progesterone, the idea is to supplement this. It should be used for the full 14 days of the luteal phase before stopping. The low dose generally recommended probably won't stop ovulation, but I'm speaking about the doses I recommend. It is not only safe to use when trying to conceive, but can also be used when pregnant too. In fact progesterone is vital for pregnancy and low levels are often the cause of miscarriages, which makes supplementing necessary. Please have a look at our web page on conception and pregnancy.

An easy way to detect if you're ovulating is to use a mini-microscope, I've given some links below to people selling them, if you can't find one in your health shop.


The insomnia and back pain can be prevented by the amino acid tryptophan, the precursor to serotonin. Serotonin is the precursor to melatonin our sleep hormone. Although progesterone does raise serotonin levels, if the insomnia is bad you will need to take the tryptophan. Start with 250mg/day at night only and away from food. Tryptophan needs an insulin spike to push it into the brain, so take with about 1/4 glass of fruit juice or water and a biscuit. It also needs vitamin B6 and folic acid to convert it into serotonin, so if the tryptophan doesn?t come mixed with B6 and folic acid, take ±25mg B6 and ±300mcg folic acid with it. Increase the dose slowly in 250mg increments until you find the optimum dose. If you find you wake during the night, have another dose ready by your bedside, together with some juice. Take it upon waking, without getting out of bed. You should drop off to sleep soon after. Tryptophan is very good for pain too. Take care, Wray

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