I am 64 and just want to looked great again

by Denise Lam
(Brisbane, Australia)


I started my HRT around 47-48 recommended by a OG doctor. After ten years treatment I was advised by another doctor to change to another hormone which stopped menstrual period but still have the same medical effect. I had stopped the HRT completely around 60. Now I am 63. Ever since I have stopped the treatment I have found myself looked dull in skin, started to have back pain, joints pain and looked tired. I lost the look of glow and vitality that I used to have under the HRT.

After I made some research I come to know the progesterone and find it may provide the same effects as HRT. So, I have started to use the Natpro cream. I do feel a slight hot flush and slight heavy heart beat after I applied the cream. The does I apply is 0.5 gm each time and twice a day. I ready the website and understand the does have to be around 100-120 milligram to take effect. Do I apply too much? Can I continue to apply it until 70 as long as I still feel positive? I would appreciate any input. Denise

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May 25, 2013
I am 64 and just want to looked great again
by: Wray

Hi Denise I'm relieved you've stopped the HRT, it's not something I'm in favour of. There are no risks involved in using progesterone, whereas there are many with HRT. You say you are only using 0.5gm twice a day i.e. 1gm a day, this is only giving you 33.3mg progesterone which I don't believe is sufficient. If you feel it's helping then continue on this amount. But I feel you might get Oestrogen Dominance. Not that this doesn't occur with higher amounts, it does, but it generally passes quicker. We do have a page on Menopause you could look through too. You can continue with progesterone for as long as you wish, it does help ageing, see here, here, here, here and here. I intend using it to the day I die, I have friends who say they want to be buried with a tube! Take care Wray

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