Hysterectomy but left my ovaries to go through menopause naturally

by Denise Schroeder
(Gretna, Nebraska USA)

My PA did a test to see if I was in Menopause... I am 55 years old and in excellent health-no prescriptions except for eye drops. Lab came back from blood tests as:

Estradiol - 33.8

FSH - 45

LH - 27.3

She has put me back on progesterone cream and added estrogen cream, too. Also, told me to take Meta I c3 to help my body get rid of excess estrogen.

How am I in early follicular stage with my estradiol, but post menapausal with my FSH and LS ???

Should I have concerns with this high estrogen and low progesterone levels ?

If I am post, then why am I suffering from hot flashes still-is this due to the high estrogen ?

Is the too much estrogen causing me hair problems, such as I think loss of hair(my opinion)and my hair dresser no longer can give me a perm with my hi lites and low lites. Never been a problem before=now I have to grow out the hi lites and low lites totally before I can get a perm because they say my hair would just break off. My hair does not look bad at all, but when they do the stretch test-it breaks.

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