Hysterectomy and unbalanced hormones

by Wendy

I had a Total Hysterectomy (everything removed, I mean everything) in 2010. I was 40 years old. My doctor found a 10cm mass on my left ovary and he told me I needed to have it removed because he thought it was cancer. My pathology report came back as a low potential malignancy. Praises to God indeed for that.

Eight weeks after my surgery, I felt like a zombie. The surgeon told me all I would need at my age was calcium. Well, he was sure wrong. I found an awesome homeopathic doctor that made me feel amazing up until October 2012. That was when my husband lost his job so I had to cut out the non-insurance amazing doctor!

I have been struggling ever since trying to get off the roller coaster but can't find anyone else that can help me.

I have been diagnosed with the following since my surgery:

Leaky Gut
Fatty liver
Vitamin D - 89
B12 - 1939
TSH - 1.47
Free T3 - 2.70
Free T4 - 5.1
Testosterone - 14.78
Estradiol - 12
FSH - 101.42
Cortisol - 4.8
Progesterone - <.1 (as of 05/27/15)
LDL Cholesterol - 167

I am currently seeing a naturepath doc and I am on Iodine, Selenium, Zinc supplement for my thyroid. I also take BHRT Progesterone 100mg, Estradiol/Estrogen Cream 100mg.

My symptoms are:

Dry eyes
fuzzy eye feeling
Woozy/wobbly when I walk
Feel like I'm going to fall down when I walk
burning tongue
Skin irritations
Stiff neck and achy joints
ears pop and crackle
tired all the time

Have you helped anyone like me? Is there anyone else out there like me? I have been searching for someone to help me since 2012 and everyone says they can but then I still don't feel better. Thank you!

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Jan 03, 2016
Hysterectomy and unbalanced hormones
by: RJ

Hi Wendy!
You are taking way, way too low of progesterone. What you are doing is exciting all the estrogen that is already stored in your body and it is making all those symptoms really pronounced. Then on top of it you are taking estrogen which will compound all the issues even more. Now that you have had a total hysterectomy you do not have any production of progesterone but your body still makes estrogen from your fat cells, plus you get estrogen mimics from all the chemicals we are inundated with each day. I would increase that progesterone to 500 mg a day and see what happens. You may see some immediate results but I still have issues four years later and I'm 50. Progesterone usage is like flavoring a favorite dish that you always make....just because the recipe says one teaspoon, after tasting you know you need to add a little more or a little less. Slow down and listen to your body it will tell you is happening. Wray saved me from jumping off a cliff four years ago and since that time I have taken, non-stop 300-1,000 mg a day....currently I'm at 500 mg a day because of an increase in my stress and a vaginal itch that was sending me to the moon LOL. It has helped and once under control again, I'll back down on the dosage. It is not an overnight cure, hang in there because there is hope your issues will resolve! God Bless! RJ

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