Huge cream dose

by Laurel Gorney
(Lexington, KY)

I've been struggling with many menopause symptoms for the past year. I am thankful to have found this website and have a few concerns. Since I found this site a month ago, I've been using a pretty huge amount of progesterone cream each day. Like 1,000mgs/day in divided doses. The huge amount seems to be necessary to control the migraines.

I had migraines, night sweats, bloating and weight gain, among other things since last year. I am assuming the migraines are from estrogen as the doctors always decide that is what I need and it always makes things worse. I haven't used any estrogen at all for the past month. The only way to combat the migraines is to every hour or so use more cream. I've read it can take 2-3 months for the cream to work. Also, to use as much cream as you need to get relief. I'm using the strongest otc cream I could find which is 20% USP Progesterone.

I'm taking both vitamin D, 15,000 and magnesium with meals. I'm using so much cream each day I am covered in layers over my entire body. I'm very willing to give this effort 3 months as this has done more than anything else I've tried. Should I continue at this dose? Is it really necessary to use this much? Will it still work in 2-3 months if I use 600mg./day divided? Even at this high dose I still wake up soaked several times each night. I also use the cream when I wake at night to again try to chase the headache away. I didn't have migraines at all until I entered peri-menopause. When they started they came cyclically every 6 weeks or so. Now they are always threatening. Is it possible my skin has been saturated to the point I'm not absorbing it well? Thanks for any help!

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