htal hysterectomy at 38

I had a total hysterectomy at 38, this was an emergency situation which had to be done. I am now 42 and my symptoms are: weight gain, short term memory loss, joint pain and fatigue, thinning hair, ad ht most of the time.

I have had no mood swings and to be honest I feel better now. My question is I refuse hormone replacement but I need something! I have done alot of research and I want to try progesterone cream. What kind how much and should I be taking certain vitamins? Any suggestions?

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Oct 25, 2009
Total hysterectomy at 38
by: Wray

Hi there The symptoms you describe certainly warrant trying progesterone. Needless to say I'm biased towards the one we make, it is as organic as we can make it, it is high strength and one of the most reasonable in cost on the market. As you are now menopausal please see this web page on how to use progesterone cream. Please also read this page, as oestrogen dominance can occur which is very disconcerting! The thinning hair is due to high androgens, progesterone helps suppress these. I suggest you also take 2000mg/day inositol, often called the anti-alopecia vitamin. And 2000mg/day N-acetyl cysteine, this makes hair, nails and skin strong and healthy. Take care, Wray

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