HRT I would love a second opion please

by Cathy

I am a 52 year old woman who is post menopause. Last year my doctor prescribed estrogen to relieve my symptoms of menopause but then I developed polyps in the uturus lining and needed surgery. After surgery I decided to take nothing, but the symptoms got so bad I went back to my doctor. Now I am on estrogen and testosterone shots. I have a family history of breast cancer and that is why the doctor prescribed testosterone instead of progesterone. After 2 shots I began bleeding which I believe to be common. Now Doctor wants me to take 100mg of Progesterone to see if the bleeding will stop. I am very nervous taking all 3 hormones. I have also read that the bleeding may take some time to stop. Should I be on estrogen and progesterone instead of testosterone? Any help would be appreciated. Day 5 of bleeding.

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Jun 25, 2014
HRT I would love a second opion please
by: Carol K

Hi there

I am pretty sure that Wray and Joy would tell you to stop the Estrogen and Testosterone immediately and use only Progesterone Cream. If you have a family history of breast cancer, the Progesterone will protect you and Estrogen will only put you at a greater risk. We don't always have to listen to doctors. Go along with your gut feeling on this and do more reading. Do what feels right for you.

Good luck.

Jun 26, 2014
More advise please
by: Cathy

Thanks Carol K. I am doing a lot of reading but find this whole thing of menopause so confusing. I thought Progesterone was the dangerous hormone for a history of breast cancer and that is why he prescribed testosterone, no? I am on injections monthly of 8mg estrogen and 50mg testosterone. Is this a small dose?

Wray, what do you advise?

I plan on going to another doctor for a second opinion but in the meantime what will it take to stop the bleeding?


Jul 02, 2014
HRT I would love a second opinion please
by: Joy

Hi Cathy

Carol has advised you correctly. No woman needs to take extra estrogen or testosterone. There are over 100 estrogen mimics in our environment as it is, why take more? Please read Our Stolen Future. Testosterone can cause cardiovascular disease see here and here. Progesterone does not cause cancer, quite the opposite actually. That is simply one of many misconceptions about progesterone sadly. If this were the case most pregnant women would suffer from cancer as they produce high amounts when pregnant – see here. All drug based HRT have a potential to cause harm – see here.

The page on Peri-Menopause will help you and explain what is needed. When you say that your doctor now wants you to ‘take’ progesterone, I do hope that this is not in oral form as any form of oral progesterone gets destroyed by the gut and liver – see here, it is not the best delivery method. Please ensure that the progesterone used is of the correct progesterone concentration. As you are on estrogen you will certainly be suffering from Estrogen Dominance.

Do you know what your Vitamin D level is, as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone?

I hope this helps.

Mar 08, 2015
After seven years of diabilitating night sweats HRT is cure
by: elaine

Hey Guys,
I am more confused than all of you. I have suffered for seven years ( post menopause ) with night sweats, bouts of insomnia and hot flashes/accompianed with feelings of doom. I of course visited my OG/GYN, three Natural physicians, and a dietician. NO RESULTS . I tried everything!!! Finally, I contacted my OB/GYN and said I will try HRT. I am on the lowest dose of Estriol with progestin. After one week my hot flahes were gone and after three weeks night sweats are gone. Mind you I had on a good night 5 night sweats to over ten on a bad night. I literally slept on a towel.
I am fit with very little body fat. The HRT has worked for me. Please explain how? I must have low estrogen? Also, should I get off of Estradiol with progestin and use the Natural Progesterone cream instead?? Maternal grandmother had breast cancer. Thank you.

Mar 09, 2015
After seven years of diabilitating night sweats HRT is cure
by: Wray

Hi Elaine It is confusing, HRT can help initially, but please be cautious. Take care Wray

Mar 13, 2015
After seven years of deabilitating night sweats HRT is cure.
by: elaine

Hi Wray,
You commented, " be cautious." Please explain further and can you answer my question regarding natural progesterone?
Many thanks,

Mar 16, 2015
Joy, some DO need an estrogen.
by: Anonymous

I have been estrogen dominant for decades. Am now post menopausal for 4 years. Menopause symptoms of hot flashes were tolerable but vaginal thinning and dryness about a year into menopause was very painful. Wipe too hard after urination would cause bleeding. Never mind sex. Adding a topical bio-identical estriol cream the only relief. A tiny dab at the site twice a week does the job, and far less than label recommends. Good advice to listen to your body, you know it best.

Have also been using topical progesterone for many years, which did not help AT ALL with the thinning/dryness. So blanket statement that no women need additional estrogen is false. Sorry if that sounds harsh.

Mar 21, 2015
After seven years of deabilitating night sweats HRT is cure.
by: Wray

Hi Elaine I would ask you to read the HRT page I gave you, hopefully it will be apparent what I mean. Although some women think the risk worth it, it's all a matter of personal opinion. Oestrogen does help/stop Hot Flushes but so too does progesterone with no risk. I advocate progesterone on every page of this website, I'm not in favour of oestrogen, and I'm even more against progestins. Some women believe they need more oestrogen, so be it, it's up to them. For me it's not worth the risk. Unfortunately when women find progesterone doesn't help them they have invariably been using the standard 20-40mg/day, I suggest they use ten times this amount to get relief. Take care Wray

Mar 23, 2015
Joy, some DO need an estrogen. by: Anonymous
by: Joy

Hi there

I agree with you totally, we should listen to our bodies and at the end of the day it is up to the person to decided what is best for them. We only pass on what has helped others so many times, including myself.

So many have benefited by inserting progesterone in the vagina to help with thinning and dryness. Also important is to use the correct amount of progesterone.

You may find this page of interest.

Take care.

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