HRT Blood Serum Results - How can I figure out where I need to be??

by Debra
(California )


I have been having a heck of a time getting my hormones balanced following a hysterectomy and trying to find the right therapy. This past year, I switched off of bioidentical hormones and went to regular (?) because I was told that there can be fluctuations in the medications in the bio hormone replacement.

On my last test, a blood spot test, it seems the values are measured differently but I was at 12.2pg/ml and progesterone was 57pg/ml At that time I was taking bioidentical troches. The doctor thought I was estrogen dominant and made an adjustment in my meds.

My most recent blood serum test shows

Estradiol: <20.0 pg/ml

So does that mean my estrogen levels are at a negative? Shouldn't they be up around 20.0 - 40.0 for a 53 year old menopausal woman?

Progesterone: 1.25 ng/ml

I know this is high. Even on the lab results it says I should be at <0.1-08 so this seems way off.

My testosterone, DHEA, FSH seem to be WNL of what they should be.

My problem has been significant weight gain all in my mid section, insomnia along with absolute exhaustion, of late, hot flashes again and my blood pressure has been on the high side for a couple years now.

I feel like a mess and it looks like certainly I have some sort of imbalance.

Does anyone know more about the ratios of estrogen/progesterone? Is there a formula that would help figure out where I should be?

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