How to use gestofit 200?

by Raj

My wife's doctor has prescribed her to take gestofit 200 from 18th day (twice a day) but it had not mentioned whether it should be taken orally or vaginally?

Please advise how it shall be efffective?

Two months ago she had used susten vaginally, but it effected in coming mensus, which came eight days before the time.

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Mar 24, 2011
How to use gestofit 200?
by: Wray

Hi Raj Any progesterone when first using it effects the cycle, which can be shortened or lengthened. It's a question of persevering through this, it does comes right about about 2-3 cycles. So the Gestofilt will have the same effect. Oral progesterone is the least effective Delivery system. So your wife will get the full benefit of the progesterone if she uses the capsule vaginally, or she can open it and rub the oil on to her skin. Either means is good, as the vagina and skin absorb it well. We do have more info on How to use progesterone. Please read through this page, it explains how much should be used and when. Take care Wray

Mar 11, 2012
How to Use Gestofit 300
by: HS - hyd

My wife was suggested to take Gestofit 300 SR from day 21, I could only find Gestofit 300 from the medical shops, Is there a difference between them? And also should it be taken orally or vaginally?

Please respond?

Mar 13, 2012
How to Use Gestofit 300
by: Wray

Hi HS I can't give you an answer about the two Gestofits, I suggest you ask your wife's doctor. I would always recommend using it vaginally, as most of the progesterone is destroyed when taken. We do have more info on our page on Delivery systems. Take care Wray

Mar 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thanks Wray for your comment and I have got in touch with the Doc and was suggest orally only.

Mar 14, 2012
by: Wray

Hi there Yes I thought he would! She won't get the full benefit of the progesterone, you can always take him the papers on the delivery systems page. Take care Wray

Sep 18, 2012
by: zara


Sep 19, 2012
by: Wray

Hi there It obviously did not dissolve. If you are using a capsule, I suggest you open it and mix the contents with a small amount of skin cream, and apply that to your skin. We have more info about progesterone on our page How to use progesterone cream. Take care Wray

Dec 26, 2012
Gestofit 300/200 SR
by: Vinita

@ HS Hyderabad:

Gestofit 300 is capsules & Gestofit 300 SR is tablet, both are different
Gestofit 300 SR is tablet specially designed to administrate once a daily by ORAL ROUTE only.
It is very convinient to take.

It has longer half life and it gives 24 hours protection . Due to its unique drug delivery form its oral absorption is also promising.

Dec 26, 2012
@ Zara
by: Vinita

Zara : It is Gestofit not Zestofit.

It has to be taken Oral only.
It is not for vaginal use.

Jan 26, 2013
zdoes gestofit can take in mensus
by: Anonymous

can i take gestofit 200mg orally
during the mensus periods..??

May 19, 2013
gestofit 200
by: Anonymous

hi my wife is used of gestofit 200 for orally in 16th day of period , i concult u for this medicine was effective or no effective
my wife is patient of pcod

May 24, 2013
gestofit 200
by: Wray

Hi there If your wife has PCOS this must be reversed before pregnancy can occur. Please ask her to have a vitamin D test done, as a lack of this is often a cause. There are other nutrients which help to reverse it too, these are listed on the page I've given you. I suggest opening the capsules and adding the contents to a small amount of skin cream and then applying that to the skin. Oral progesterone is the least effective Oral progesterone is the least effective Delivery system, "The liver and gut region removed a mean of 96 per cent of the progesterone entering these tissues", see here. Applying it topically she will get the full benefit. The PCOS page gives info on how to use progesterone, but this alone will not stop the condition, she must take the other nutrients too. Take care Wray

Jun 04, 2013
Gestofit after IUI
by: Sakshi

I have done IUI on 30.05.2013 & from next day my doctor told meto take Gestofit 200 mg tablet, but this tablet is for what purpose? Is their any side effects, or IUI will be succesful or not, i have done IUI on 2nd time. Should i take Gestofit 200 orally or throgh vagina?

Aug 24, 2013
gestofit sr oral tablet
by: Anonymous

can some one tell me the half life of gestofit SR tablet which is taken orally

Nov 08, 2013


Dec 20, 2013
How to use capsule vaginally
by: Anonymous

How to use vaginally.

Mar 20, 2014
Dosage time
by: Vishnu

My wife prescribed to take Gestofit SR 300, Should it be taken morning or night please suggest

Feb 18, 2015
side effects of gestofit 300
by: kra87


i am into 17th week of pregnancy and the doc has prescribed me to take gestofit 300.

please help me know what are the benefits and side effects of it..

Mar 12, 2016
About progesterone tablets
by: Sonal

My doctor advise me to take gest 200 on 15 to 20 days twise in day...suggest me the use of gest 200

May 11, 2018
4 weeks pregnant
by: Anonymous

I am four weeks pregnant, my doctor suggested me to take 200mg gestofit.
Can I know for what purpose?

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