How to take progesterone during perimenopause

by Sandra

Hi, I'll be 51 in September, and have been dealing with erratic periods for about 10 years, with it getting worse every year. Now I can go almost 3 months with no period and then bleed for 3 weeks. With or without breast tenderness. I have been on prog. creme for roughly 10 yrs. I understand that once it becomes erratic there's no way to balance it.

So my question is, how much should I be taking every day since I can't really base the results on feeling better, (I don't really feel bad) or my periods becoming balanced again?!

I look forward to hearing from you soon...

Thank you!

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Jul 31, 2018
How to take progesterone during perimenopause
by: Joy

Hi Sandra

Sadly there is nothing that can help the erratic periods during Peri-Menopause but the correct use of a good progesterone cream such at Natpro will help ease things a little and prepare you for Menopause. A missed period for 12 months puts one in menopause. Between 100-200mg per day is needed. Split the amount, half in the morning and the other half at night. You will have to experiment to see what suits you, more may be needed.

Vitamin D3 is very important as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone, optimal range is between 70-100ng/mL. Nothing less than 5,000iu's is needed daily. Co-factors are needed when taking D3, magnesium and vitamin K2 with no soy are the important ones.

May 14, 2022
Weight gain, Tired from a.m. dose of P
by: Anonymous

I am almost 60yo. I take progesterone cream in the evening and it helps me sleep and def. calms me. I tend to have high estriol (take Iodine). However, the weight is not getting any better - worse actually. I've tried taking progesterone in the a.m. also but the a.m. dose makes me too tired. Should I try doing the a.m. dose again along with the evening dose (one pump of Natural Progeste Cream by Metabolic Maintenance). Is the tiredness something that will pass. Also, does taking Flax oil interfere with the Progesterone? Please advise. All responses are welcome.
Thank you.
Linda C.

May 15, 2022
Weight gain, Tired from a.m. dose of P
by: Joy

Hi Linda

Unfortunately you are not using progesterone currently. It must be used no less than twice a day. Progesterone does cause strange things to happen in the beginning, the feeling should soon pass. Your body needs time to adjust to progesterone. This can take 2-6 months, longer if symptoms are severe.

Your weight gain is probably due to progesterone not being used correctly and not enough is being used. Usually between 100-200mg per day is needed using a good organic cream such as Natpro which is a 3% cream. Please adjust the amount of cream that you are using so that it equates to Natpro.

Flax seeds can be slightly estrogenic so take care with that. It does have other health benefits though.

Please read the links already posted on this website on How to use progesterone cream and estrogen dominance.

Take care.

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