How to get pregnant

by Nahla Ishaq
(Yemen republic)

The problem started since my last delivery. For more than 8 years I had lots of family problems but I used to take Yassmin cp, for 4 years. I then stopped for 3 months. I restarted for 4 months then stopped finally ready to get pregnant.

Unfortunately the first time I got late menses 10 days. Then spontaneously a period. Then I got a regular period for last one year but for 2 days only with 2 diper to change of about 20 cc amount. I have done us /progesterone level was 15 us normal but no active ovary. I started Progluton for one month but same, in fact I got worst I started getting dark spots on my face. I have done nothing but still my period regular but small amount. I started Clomid twice the third trial I got late menses again for one month without inducing menses came last estradiol was 263 /fsh 11/lh 9, progesterone less than 1. I took Gynera again for one month all my values reduced my us was normal there were folicals but not mature. I started hmg for induction but still not become pregnant and the last dose now I'm late menses. Tell me please what to do. I have 2 kids my husband semen was 37. Thank you

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Aug 10, 2008
How to get pregnant
by: Wray

It's difficult to know where to begin. You are being pumped full of oestrogen (Progluten and Gynera), the Clomid is forcing your body to make more too, and none of it working.

I suspect the years you took the contraceptive pill has caused insulin resistance. This prevents the ovaries from functioning normally. If I'm correct it would be necessary to reverse this first. It is possible to do this naturally, but does take time.

Please look at our web page on PCO, it gives info on insulin resistance...

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