How much progesterone to use?

by C

I've used Natpro on and off for several years, so I know that it works for me and how to use it. I took 2 tsp a day in the past and that dose fixed my heavy and painful menstrual cycle.

I have had SEVERE pain upon bleeding for months. My doctor did an ultrasound and I have a cyst in my right ovary. My doctor is not sure if it's a functional cyst or another kind indicating endometriosis or something worse. I'll be having another ultrasound done in November.

My mom and I are pretty sure I had a cyst that burst earlier this year because one month I went from little pain to extreme pain within ~60 minutes.

Anyway, I had my hormones tested but forgot to get it done at the right time of the month. My P to E ratio was 5:1 but the bloodwork was taken on day 12 when progesterone has not risen yet. (and I always go by symptoms)

I'm getting back on Natpro but I'm not sure if I should use it every day for a few months and then taper down or if I should use a higher dose (300-500 mg) for 2 weeks of the month.

Does it matter? Thanks so much!

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