How much progesterone per NatPro pump action?

by Tessa

So the paperwork that comes with the NatPro pump dispenser is not very clear. I *think* it is saying that two pumps equal 100mg of progesterone. a So basically, one pump is 50mg. Is that correct? Thanks for any help!!

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Jul 09, 2016

by: Wray

Hi Tessa The concentration of the cream is the same as the tube, i.e. 33.3mg/ml. So the 1.5ml dispensed by the pump will give 49.95 or rounded to 50mg. So you are correct, 2 pumps will dispense 100mg progesterone. Take care Wray

Jul 09, 2016
thanks and follow-up questions
by: Tessa

Thank you for the quick response. Also, when you say you recommend 100-200mg per day... is that in a 24 hour day or per dose? Because you recommend twice a day. i.e. I'm planning to do 100mg twice a day which would give me the 200mg for the whole day.
I'm also trying to decide when to start (finishing up my period now). I always did days 12-26 when I got my progesterone from a compounding pharmacy. Then I switched to Progestelle, and Dr. Eckhart told me to do every day that I didn't have a period. In that time I feel like my cycle has shortened from 28 days to 26 days. I'd love to get that 2 extra days (or more!) back in there. And I definitely think the lower dose has kept me in oestrogen dominance because my weight has just ballooned in recent months. I read somewhere else where you recommended for starting out with the NatPro to just do 3 months straight, even through periods. I can't decide if I should do that or go back to the second half of my cycle. FYI, I'm 40 years old. Thanks for your input!

Jul 13, 2016
thanks and follow-up questions
by: Wray

Hi Tessa We do have more info on our page How to use progesterone cream.
It is anywhere from 100mg/day, some women use 500mg/day, others have had to use 1000mg/day before symptoms were under control. It's best to divide the amount twice daily or more. Severe symptoms should be treated hourly if need be. It's difficult to advise on when to use the progesterone, if you still do have a cycle and your symptoms are not that bad, then I suggest you stick to following your cycle. Info about this is on the link I've given above. Take care Wray

Aug 25, 2016
a couple cycles later follow-up
by: Tessa

Hi Wray! So the first month I started on day 8. I know - not really proper with the ovulation and whatnot but I was anxious to get started and plus I was still trying to decide about doing it every day straight-through for a while, so figured what the heck. But I stopped on day 26 I think it was and had a normal period. I was sleeping well and breast tenderness was gone - two of my bigger symptoms. Then this cycle I made myself wait until day 12 to start back up to be more correct with the timing. Today is day 23. The last week I've begun waking up during the night a lot again - and the last two nights I had to actually get up to go to the bathroom which I haven't had to do for quite some time. Also in the last week or so I have had a return of my breast soreness pretty bad. I've also been extremely weepy, although I must admit to a lot of stress with my teenagers the past month so that's hard to gauge, although I usually do NOT cry so much - even under stress. And my breast enlargement that I've had almost nonstop for the past year has still yet to go down. Sometimes it seems like it starts to while I'm on the progesterone (both NatPro and the ones I used prior to switching) but then during the break we're full blown bulging out of my bras. So all that had me doing lots of reading on your sight last night and I'm thinking I need to up my dosage and perhaps do the straight-through for a couple rounds but I have some questions.

First off, my current dosage... the first cycle I did 100mg every morning and night, for 200mg/day. This month I upped it slightly (I think that my rationale was that since I waited longer until day 12 I should use more). In the mornings I still used 100mg but then also one dropper of my leftover Progestelle to try to use it up - although I realize that one dropper is next to nothing. At night I began using 150mg. So about 250mg/day. This morning I decided to even it out and do the full 150mg also in the morning so that's what I did today, which will bump me up to 300mg/day. Based on most of your suggestions I read last night perhaps I should try going to 200mg each time? And if I use it straight through is it going to stop my periods? I'm not sure how I feel about that, and so then where do you know where you are in your cycle when you decide to cut back or get back to only using it for the second half? Many, many years ago I had my periods stopped when I used Depo and then when I went off it I had horrible periods for months. I don't want to go through that again. Plus I AM pretty regular so I don't want to mess that up. On the flip-side, what woman doesn't want to not have a period?!!! :-)

I have taken 6,000IU of vitamin D for years. As of today I upped it to 10,000IU. I also take 400mg of I3C although I can't say I've seen much difference with it yet (it's been almost 4 months). I read last night a few people talking about Calcium D-Glucarate. Is that better than I3C or about the same? Should one take both? I've been taking Iodine for a few months now too. I actually take quite a few more supplements but those are the ones I think most pertinent to this discussion.

My last questions pertain to the NatPro itself. I have noticed that after applying, no matter when I wash my hands (even 5-6 hours later in the middle of the night) it feels like I am washing a film off my hands. It makes me worry that it's just sitting on there and not absorbing and I can't help but wonder about the rest of my body where I'm rubbing it on. Is this normal? Also, I've been using the pump so you can really only go up or down in 50mg increments. Is that okay when making adjustments? I know you said a few places when you decide to come back down a bit to do it slowly. How do you manage that with the pump? Incidentally I just ordered 3 more, so I hope you're not going to tell me to switch to the tube... although maybe I could get one for the odd adjustments.

Okay I think that's all for now. Thanks for all your input. You are a real help!!!

Nov 18, 2016
Trying to find a balance
by: Miami

Hi Wray, I've been trying to find hormonal balance. I had been using a compounded progesterone at about 150-200 mg per day. Was feeling pretty good but my blood tests were showing that I was low in DHEA, testosterone and estrogen. I had previously been on Pregnenolone and felt good on it, so got some more of that at 10mg. My Dr. recommended that I use 25 mg of DHEA, and due to my libido taking a dive and sex starting to feel very uncomfortable, my Dr recommended I try .5ml of Bi-est and a 4mg cream of testosterone.

Well, I had a pretty bad reaction to all this. Terrible diarrhea, which led to dehydration and nausea and really bad headache, weakness....I felt like my heart was pounding at one point and almost called 911. I had to lay down for a couple of hours and I've been feeling real bad all day. I'm not sure what to do but thinking that its best to give my body a rest for a day and not use anything and then just keep on using just my progesterone. But I was hoping that the testosterone at least would help in the libido dept......any thoughts?

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