How much do I use?

by Cathie
(Dallas, Texas, USA)

I am a 54 yr. old woman who had a partial hysterectomy about 3 yrs. ago. They took my uterus and my left ovary because of fibroids and cysts. I didn't go thru an instant menopause, because my right ovary was still functioning.

However, in the last few months, the hot flashes and night sweats have become much more intense. I've also put on my "menopausal pudge" on my lower abdomen. I had been on progesterone therapy back in the 1980's because I had severe PMS. When the hot flashes started I assumed that I was low in estrogen and started taking the supplements that had higher estrogen levels. I began to feel worse!

In discussing this with my chiropractor, he mentioned that perhaps it wasn't estrogen, but progesterone that I was lacking. I just started using your progesterone cream a couple of days ago, and am noticing that the flashes are increasing, but the night sweats are decreasing. I'm also confused by your dosage instructions. How much in teaspoons or fractions thereof is 200mg? I've been trying 1/2 tsp 2 times per day. Could you please clear up my confusion?


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May 23, 2011
Worse on oestrogen
by: Wray

Hi Cathie It doesn't surprise me you felt worse on oestrogen, I don't believe any of us needs more. Our fat cells continue making it till the day we die. Plus once in menopause, the ovary becomes an androgen producing organ. Hence your "menopausal pudge", see here. When first starting progesterone Oestrogen Dominance can occur. Initially progesterone stimulates oestrogen production, but once progesterone becomes the dominant hormone, the symptoms go. How long this will take I can't tell you, it's dependant on so many things, not least how much oestrogen you have and how severe the symptoms are. I have found 400mg/day for 4-5 days reduces or stops the hot flushes. Once under control, the amount should be reduced slowly till the optimum is found. The cream contains 33.3mg progesterone per gram of cream, so 200mg would require 6ml of cream, 1tsp is 5ml. So you would need to use 1tsp plus 1/5 tsp. Is there any chance of you finding ml measuring spoons in a supermarket or health shop, this makes it easier! I don't know if you've seen our page on Menopause? And at the bottom of our page on How to use progesterone cream is a conversion list, giving ml and tsp. Take care Wray

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