How much cream to begin with?

by Deborah Z.
(Vancouver BC Canada)

Hello Wray, I am 47 and experienced my first hot flash just as the year changed (and just after having ordered Natpro). That experience was so disorienting that I was an hour late! It was then that I realized just how many symptoms of estrogen dominance I've been experiencing, but attributing to other issues I manage, like candida. It's been a relief of sorts to know that maybe it's just about balancing out with progesterone. I hope so!

So far January 2010 has been miserable: fatigue, depression, irritability (blatent anger sometimes), spontaneous tears, digestive problems, foggy thinking, headaches (which I never get), and most recently breast tenderness (they seem swollen too). The disappointment, though, was scant weight loss during a 5 month period of serious effort. I've been feeling so out of control.

With all this going on, I can't tell you how thrilled I am to finally receive my order! But should I use more than your recommended 1/2 tsp. per day to jump start things a bit? How long do you suppose I'll need to feel like myself again

Thank you for being there!

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Jan 27, 2010
How much cream to begin with?
by: Wray

Hi Deborah. Thanks for the kind words! And don't mention hot flushes, they are awful, no wonder you were late! The symptoms all fit peri-menopause, dreadful time, you might like to read more on it here. It's a time when oestrogen is high compared to progesterone, which starts dropping from about the age of 35. High oestrogen explains the scant weight loss too, in fact oestrogen can cause insulin resistance which many women battle with during P-M. Here is a web page on this too.

It never harms to use more, particularly when symptoms are severe, or there is a great deal of stress. So I would suggest you increase to at least 100mg (3ml), you might find you need 200mg (6ml) initially. It's easy to reduce once symptoms have calmed down, but I still use 5ml a day when stressed, and that's after 14 yrs of using it! Progesterone should never be used by 'dose', but by symptoms, the more severe, the more is needed. For instance Dr Dalton would give 2400mg/day to her psychotic patients, and brain trauma victims get well over three times the amount we make in the last trimester of pregnancy, which is about 400mg. As for how long before you're normal... I wish I could tell you! It took 3 months before most of my symptoms had gone, but a further 3 before they had all gone. Please persevere! Take care, Wray

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