How long should I keep taking progesterone ?

by Peter
(New Zealand )

I am a 54kg, 60 year old, male who has been taking about 10 mg of progesterone twice a day for the past 3 months.
My diet is very good, I eat home grown organic fruit and veg and very little red meat, just a little wild venison when I can get it and some fish. I do eat quite a lot of bread but it is sour doe wheat and gluten free. Vices? I did enjoy some alcohol most days.
I always suffered from candida and bloating, I think due to the sugar in my high fruit diet and of course the beer. I got Jock Itch when I had been sitting in a hot environment for some time and over recent years I have noticed, like most men of my age, that I have to get up most nights for a wee.
Since using progesterone cream twice per day and giving up alcohol I no longer suffer from candida, Jock itch, bloating and my sleep at night is better with fewer wakes for a wee. Best of all I feel much happier in my self, almost high! My wife has noticed that I don't stress anymore and I take a much more relaxed approach to life. Things couldn't be better.
But the big question for me now is;
How long can this last for?
How long do I keep taking progesterone at my present rate?
Should I have a saliva test every month and adjust my progesterone levels to an optimum level, which is the optimum level? Does that level change as I get older?
Right now I am a convert to progesterone for men. I would like to see a men's ony section on this website with a more refined programme for men. I have tried taking higher amounts of progesterone as recommended on this site but it only made me feel very spaced out, light headed and rather dizzy.
So for now I wil just keep at 10 mg twice per day.

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