How long does it take to affect the midcycle bleeding?

by Marci

I'm on month 3 using the cream days 14-28. My biggest issue has been the midcycle bleeding with increased blood clots.

I'm 39. I'd welcome another pregnancy but I'm not going to take injections or other drugs in order to do it. My midcycle bleeding tends to be dark red or brownish which goes along with the symptom of the body getting rid of "old" blood and unbalanced hormones. Any idea how long until this gets corrected?

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Sep 26, 2011
How long does it take to affect the midcycle bleeding?
by: Wray

Hi Marci Did the mid-cycle bleeding only begin once you started the progesterone? Or have you always had it? 20% of women get Mittelschmerz or 'middle pain' each month. This is caused by the follicle bursting to release the egg, pain can accompany it too. But you say you get clots and the blood tends to be brown or old blood. This sounds more like you are bleeding too soon. Can you clarify this for me, ie does the bleeding stop and then start again on day 28? And how long does the midcycle bleeding last? One last question, how much progesterone are you using each day. Take care Wray

May 11, 2012
mid-cycle bleeding on cd16-cd19 on NPC
by: ira

hi wray,

i'm 35, initially started NPC 60mg per day due to PCOS,amenorhea & anovulation.
after 10days on NPC, i bled so i stop the cream and count the day as cd1. planning to do ovulation shutdown for several cycles,i started the cream again on cd5-cd26. now it is my 2nd cycle on shutdown.
the problem : both cycles, i have mid-cycle bleeding on cd16-cd19.
should i worry? pls advice how to overcome this problem.

i also have hyperthyroid, insulin resistance n never check my hormones level. also afraid to increase the NPC dose as it can cause sleepiness.

Apr 28, 2013
Midcycle bleeding
by: Gabrielle

I am 46. Using progesterone cream for 3 months now. I was happy cause 1st month my breasts return to "normal" size and pain went away. But now, I am experiencing midcycle bleeding that starts on D13-15 and stops on D18-19 approx. Last month was more brownish mucus, but this month is red. I decided when this started to double up the cream so I am using 2 pumps so 40ml starting on day 10.
Please help meeee!

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