How long does estrogen stimulation last?

by Amelia

If someone finds the side affects of increasing prog too much, and chooses to wait it out at a lower dose - do the estrogen stimulation effects calm down??? How long does this take?

I'm on 50mg cream. I know it's low, but everytime I increase I get worse symptoms avd just can't get through life like that.

I get some positives from the 50mgmy migraines have gone a d my pmt has gone, but my anxiety and other symptoms are still bad. If this is ED, how long does it take to subside?

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Apr 04, 2022
How long does estrogen stimulation last?
by: Joy

Hi Amelia

I'm afraid that I can't answer that as we are all different. It all depends on how much excess estrogen one has, stress and a vitamin D3 deficiency all play a part.  

Anything less than 100mg will merely aggravate estrogen receptors which explains your anxiety. Progesterone is a calming hormone and if used correctly it helps with anxiety but other calming nutrients are needed too.
Progesterone can make some feel worse before they feel better.  As mentioned many times on this website, it can take 2-6 months before benefits are felt, longer if symptoms are severe.  Time and patience is needed.  I wish that progesterone therapy was easy, it's isn't especially if not enough progesterone is being used.

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