How I discovered I was progesterone deficient

by Eve
(Phoenix, AZ)

I was on the birth control pill (bcp) for 20 years. It was masking my symptoms of severe PMDD for all those years. My first saliva test was done while I was still on BCP and my progesterone was very low.

I was told I needed to come off BCP and I was given a cream with 25mg progesterone to apply once a day on days 14-28. So I did and the monster was realeased - severe PMDD showed up at my door every month. Each month it got more and more severe. This did not do anything to combat the severe symptoms of PMDD. It gave me a small relief on days where my balance must not have been as great, but once I moved into day 20-25 of my cycle - nothing helped not accupuncture, herbs, Zanax! Doctor after doctor - I finally found one. The final level (taken orally) to keep me sane during my cycle is 200mg in the am and 200 mg at night. Even with those high levels my saliva taken day 20 of my cycle reports low levels. The doctor decided I must take progesterone all month long. I am 37 and not trying to have a child at this time in my life.

The whole process of trial and error was extremely difficult. I thought I would committ suicide before I could get it resolved. Now life is much better. I believe natural progesterone saved my life.

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May 17, 2010
How I discovered I was progesterone deficient
by: Wray

Hi Eve. The pill has caused so many problems, in so many lives, it doesn't surprise me to hear another story. Ironically it's often given to raise progesterone levels! As you've found it hasn't, and can't, as it's not progesterone. With severe symptoms 25mg/day is laughable, you should have been on 200-300mg/day which would have helped. The reason your level is still low on 400mg/day is because oral progesterone is the least effective delivery system. Please see here. And here. You can use progesterone daily, and no harm will come of it at all, only good. It can disrupt your cycle a bit, but if that doesn't bother you, then I suggest you try it. Certainly do so in the early days to get rid of symptoms. There are various routes that can be used to deliver progesterone. Injections, suppositories/pessaries, troches or lozenges, buccal drops, oral caps, gels and creams. Injections are large and therefore painful, suppositories/pessaries are very effective, but limited in their application, as are troches/lozenges. This last is also affected by the destruction in the gut and liver, as about 50% is swallowed. Buccal drops share the same fate, progesterone is very bitter, so not an option for most women. The oral is the least effective route, as much of it is destroyed by the gut and liver. Gels are effective, but generally only used in the vagina, which leaves the creams. These are to my mind the best option, the progesterone they contain is absorbed well, has been found to be as effective as injections and to enter circulation rapidly. It has an advantage over all the other systems as it can be used where needed. On painful areas, particularly good for migraines/headaches, in the vagina for dryness and inflammation, excellent for burns, on the face where it helps with wrinkles and more. It can be used anywhere on the body, as the skin comprises 95% kerotinocytes, these have many progesterone receptor sites. Even hair follicles absorb progesterone well. You would not need such a high dose either, so please consider a cream in preference to the oral route. For more info on how to use them please see here. Take care, Wray

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