How do I come off my birth control slowly

by Aline
(Woodhaven, Mi)

Hello Wray, you answered my question, if I could take progesterone cream with LoEstrin birth control pills. You said I should get off of the BC pills slowly. Could you please explain, how do I come off my birth contol pills slowly. Do I stop taking them after a few months or do I cut down the amount of pills I take in a month. There is 24 pills in a pack. I really do want to stop taking them, because of the bad side effects. Thank you very much for your help.

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Sep 15, 2009
How do I come off my birth control slowly
by: Wray

Hi Aline. It's difficult to explain this, as each brand has it's own system of dispensing oestrogen and progestin. Normally it's oestrogen in the first half, and progestin in the second half, some have placebo pills too. It's during the second half you should use the cream. It might be easiest to use the cream in the second half and not take the pills at all. Then each month skip a pill in the oestrogen half, increasing the days you don't take it until you feel you can stop altogether. Symptoms are the best way to judge, but please make sure you're using enough progesterone! You'll know soon enough if not, as symptoms will occur. And please look at the web page I gave you on oestrogen dominance. Take care, Wray

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