how can i stopp the dripping and becoming soaked

by christine willmott
(bournemouth dorset uk )

im go years old and for the last ten years or more have they say hot flushes i never feel a flush but every time i think or do a simple job im running with sweet when i take my clothes of they are very damp sometimes even wet it pours from my forhead and my hair gets soaked i have been put on hrt but i cant take it the tried every thing but its was no use i would swell up have welts around my nipples and could not touch my breast even wearing a bra was painfull so she told me i cant take it so she has put me on venafaxine they found its good for woman that have had breast cancer i have been useing the cream for two weeks i dont feel any symtoms from useing it but how much do i need to take my doctor told me i was the worst case she had ever seen as i can drip any were within the short visit to her my hair was wet she gave me a towel to dry my face im sat here now my forehead is wet i can feel it coming on but why if its hot flushes does it come on every time i do the washing up cooking is not nice as the heat makes it so much worse nore this hot weather how much of the cream do i use and how long before it starts to work as its so embaressing going to the shops waiting in a to pay for something and if its busy its sharts to dripp people talk to them selves looking at me as its like a tap is dripping quite fast i would love to be able to do things with out the dripping and in bed i can get up and the whole bed is wet can you help me to find out what can help me from dripping

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Jul 27, 2012
how can i stop the dripping and becoming soaked
by: Wray

Hi Christine Unfortunately your age didn't come out correctly, but I'm guessing from the sweating that it should have been 50? Hot Flushes and sweats can be brought on by exercise, a hot drink, stress and more. Please read through our page for more info. I cannot find venafaxine on the web, one venlafaxine which is an oral antidepressant. But you say it's a skin cream. I can't help you about the amount, as I don't know what it contains. Maybe you could come back to me about it. Take care Wray

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