How can I avoid miscarriage

by Chima

I got married on 17 january 2007. Actually, I've been a victim of miscarriage. This one that hapened last month July 2008 was my third experience. The First one happened at the third month, the 2nd at the third month again and lastly at the 7th week.

German gynocologists and up to 2 hospitals cannot tell me why. The last test I and my husband went was the genetics test which was quite ok. There was nothing wronng that they can lay hand on. Now I'm highly disturbed about the whole matter. But I know that God can give answers where humans cannot and is able to see us through and will definitely give us our children in Jesus name Amen.

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Aug 09, 2008
How can I avoid miscarriage
by: Wray

It sounds very much like you are not making enough progesterone to keep the embryo in place. The first three to four months are critical. We do have a web page on this if you would read it, I'm sure you'll find the info there you need.

Can progesterone help with Conception and Fertility problems?

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