Hot Flushes

by Roz

I have just read your post re hot flushes being due to high estrogen and low progesterone. I can't understand why this would be the case. I previously used Natpro to alleviate symptoms of estrogen dominance - swollen breasts, weight gain, fibroids - was still having regular periods. Now, I'm a little older and my last period was about 6 months ago. I am having hot flushes night and day. It seems obvious to me that something has changed - ie a drop in estrogen. Why, if it was low progesterone, would I have not had hot flushes two years ago when my progesterone levels were very low and estrogen normal?

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May 15, 2014
Hot Flushes
by: Joy

Hi Roz

Something very definitely has changed and that would be Peri-Menopause which is a difficult time for most women, but it need not be. Menopause usually takes place after monthly periods have been missed for 12 months. More progesterone is needed now as progesterone levels start to drop, how much Natpro are you using? Nothing less than 100mg-200mg should be used, more if symptoms are severe.

If you have read the post on Hot Flushes you would have picked up that you are suffering Estrogen Dominance symptoms and 400-500mg of progesterone cream is needed for 4-6 days before they clear up, longer if they are bad. Once they have cleared and you feel stable enough, you can slowly reduce the cream by 16mg at a time, stay on the reduced amount for a few days and reduce again. If you reduce too soon and by too much, your hot flushes will return again. Should this happen, then simply increase the amount of cream again. Please read How to use Progesterone Cream, it will explain things in detail.

Do you know what your Vitamin D level is, if not please consider having a test done as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone, it is also connected to every single cell and it’s formation in our body, making it vital.

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