Hot Flushes

by Natalie Marchant
(Cape Town, South Africa)

I am on premarin 0.625mg, but I still have hot flushes. I don't have the mood swings but I know I have to change from the Premarin.

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Feb 28, 2014
Hot Flushes
by: Joy

Hi Natalie

Excellent choice coming off Premarin, dreadful stuff and no women needs to take extra. All drug based HRT's have a potential to cause harm - see here.

Hot flushes are relatively easy to sort out provided your use the correct amount of progesterone and your Vitamin D level is up where it should be. A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone, it is vital.

I see you live in Cape Town, so do I. Perhaps you would like to contact me via my website and I can help you further with this.

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