Hormone testing

by BH

I have been on progesterone for a few years now but have recently had some hormone testing done. Progesterone was very low (120 ZRT Salivia test, 2nd test it was up to 820).

My Dr has prescribed 30 mg progesterone 2x/day. I am still having pain in mid-cycle and pain for approx 4 days before my period starts and for a day or 2 after it starts. Dr ordered an ultra sound and all results came back normal but the report noted that the uterus was retroflexed in position.

I am wondering after reading some of the info on your web site if I should be using more progesterone? Do you have any further info on retroflexed uteruses and progesterone therapy? Thanks.

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Aug 28, 2009
Hormone testing
by: Wray

Hi BH. A retroflexed uterus can cause pain during menstruation. I have no experience in whether progesterone will help or not, but as it's an excellent anti-inflammatory it could do so. It certainly helps women with a normal or anteverted uterus. I don't believe the dose you are using is high enough though, at least 100-200mg/day should be used. It's easy enough to reduce the dose once symptoms have abated.

The mid-cycle pain you are getting is Mittelschmerz, German for 'middle pain', which occurs at ovulation. Approximately 20% of women get it and in no way is it dangerous. It is not a cyst rupturing, but the follicle containing a mature egg bursting to release the egg. I suggest you rub some cream over your ovaries when you get it. Take care, Wray

Aug 30, 2009
Hormone testing
by: BH

I didn't think the dosage (of 30mg, 2x/day) was high enough either. I should have also said that the doctor also has 1.5 mg of testosterone in with the progesterone. I actually think that the testoserone is irritating me as I had less pain when I was using just the progesterone. My hair is also falling out and when I got my hair cut last week my hair dresser even made a comment about how thin my hair was getting. Thanks for the info below.

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