hormone pellet therapy

by gail

I had hormone pellets done sept 3 2014. I am 54 and menopausal had not had a cycle in over a year. After pellets 12mg estrogen and 100mg testosterone and 200 mg progesterone micr by mouth I started having cycles again around the end of September1st on lasted 7 days and have some pretty bad cramping then on nov 9 had another cyclethat lasted 11 days with a lot of cramping finally stopped 3 days later I was having breakthrough bleeding. Had no problems with bleeding cramps ect before the pellets. Mentioned the cycles to dr he said your having irregular bleeding so instead of annual pap he said needed to do ultrasound. Did US he sid he saw somethingin the uterne area so he needed to do a hysteroscopy to see whats going on did the hysteroscopy and d&c dec 29 2014. Got results of that jan6 2015 he said everything looke ok in uterine area but now he said it showed abnormal tissue in cervix so he needs to do a colposcopy now. he said hormone leves from hysteroscopy showed estrogenic sumthing I asked if that meant I now have to much estrogen he said yes. Had finally stopped bleeding from procedure the eveof jan 4 started back cramping eve of the 6th and it like im trying to have another cycle. Was 4 months jan 3 since pellets were put in. they said they last 3 to 4 months so hoping they are used up. Does anyone know how long it takes for your system to get back to semi normal.since pellets have had very oily skin on face and oily hair pimples hair is coming out (never have had a problem with hair coming out)also have joint pain now as well.Im s confused I don't know which end is up.Dr keeps being very persistant to redo pellets have told him NO 3 times.Should I stop all hormones now and let my body get back into some kind of balance. Sorry for the small book here but saw here that some have had similar problem.

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Jan 11, 2015
by: Diane

First and foremost you absolutely need to read Dr Michael Platt's book THE MIRACLE OF BIOIDENTICAL HORMONES. He is a profoundly experienced expert in bio hormones and how to SAFELY use them and has treated patients for 40 years. I highly recommend you read it. You will feel empowered instead of helpless to so called expert doctors who are questionable at best....
Now, It sounds like you got way too much T (ie oily skin, hair) and a major imbalance of E to P.. Leading to E dominance with the uterine, bleed, and cervical issues. Oral P even at 200mg is the worst way to use P. It has the worst absorption..maybe 10%.. So maybe you are absorbing 20mg?? Far too low...switch to cream...and unfortunately once the pellets are put in the body they cannot come out.. They have to run their course. Switch to atleast 200mg cream for greater absorption and hopefully promote a better balance of E to P...
Read pages on this site about Progesterone, E dominance, How to use P etc... They are so informational.

Good luck..

Jan 12, 2015
pellet therapy
by: gail

Thank you diane for your response. Jan 3 was 4 months since since pellets were inserted hope they are used up. I have life flo progezterone cream would that be ok to use until i can get the natpro progedterone? Not sure what to body is in turmoil o.r feels like it. Pellet dr Definitly not going back dr. Did go to my naturopath/irodologist she just furious said this dr has me all messed up. Never doing pellets again.

Jan 12, 2015
Pellet nightmare
by: gail

Thank you diane for your response. Pellets have been in for 4 months jan 3 so hopefully thet are used up. Can i use life flo pregesterone cream until i can order natpro. I will be ordering the book as well. Have learned a valuable lesson as well as expensive one. Went to my naturopTh/irodologist she didnt see anything tjat looks cancerous so going to postpone colposcopy for now and try to get hormones back in check then pursue a different dr. Progestetone i have is 20mg progesterone per pump. Was diagnosed during this hormone hell with rheumatoid arthritis hafta wonder of what this dr did might have triggered this hoping when i get hormones back in check some of those symptoms go away.

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