Hormone Nightmare

by Lisa

I am 52 years old and have dealt with hormonal imbalances for most my adult life. I had a partial hysterectomy (ovaries remain) 4 years ago due to severe bleeding and presence of fibroids. I have been placed on bio identical hormone replacement since that time. My progesterone has continued to decline and estriol increase since 2010 following surgery. Dosing has continually been adjusted, my current dose is E3 2.5/T 2.0/P 125 taken at bedtime. 7 months ago I began to have thyroid symptoms (more hormonal imbalance). I suffered thyroid storm 5 months ago and later returned to hypothyroid state and placed on Levthyroxine. Plus my adrenals have shown to be sluggish since 2009. My recent saliva hormone panel results DHEA: 4 (normal) Testosterone:22 (normal), E1:44 (normal), E2: 7. E3:51 (elevated) and P1: 47 (low). My concern is my NP wants to change my formula to E3 2.0/T 3.0/P 150/DHEA 5. She placed me on Pro Gest cream yesterday to help with cardiac symptoms. My current symptoms are fatigue, inability to handle stress at all, insomnia (wake up hot 2-3 times), aches and pains, occasional chest pain/palpitations, low libdo, vaginal dryness, dry skin, etc. Diagnosed with cyst on right ovary 2 months ago, after seeking doctor about persistent low back pain. Needless to say life has been incredibly unpleasant last several months. I'm fighting to get my health and life back but have had inconsistent care and opinions from medical community. Would like to try progesterone cream but would like to know your recommendations on how to proceed. I currently take following supplements: Multi vitamin, B complex- 25 mg, Adrenal Cortex- 50 mg, Calcium/Magnesium, Probiotics, Vitamin C- 1000 mg+. I have read most of your posts but still feel unsure on what to change and how. Would appreciate any suggestions on how to proceed from here I see my NP in 2 weeks and would like to be armed and ready to discuss my future treatment.

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