Hormone Imbalance & PMS Improvement

by Leanne

Hello Wray,

I have been using progesterone therapy for a few months, initially I purchased another cream other than Natpro but it was quite gritty to use & came in a large cumbersome pump dispenser so I decided to switch to Natpro and have found it to be a lovely easy to use cream. Thank you for the wealth of information provided here also from you & everyone.

I have always had PMS symptoms, virtually every 'issue' I have coped with has now gone or is markedly milder, I'm ecstatic.

The hormone imbalance began with very dry skin, moderate acne on face & shoulders, headaches, ravenous appetite that was hard to satiate and what I thought at the time was maybe a vaginal infection. I did get checked up on twice but I had no infection. I'd had a lengthy period of stress, had been using a contraceptive pill and had entered my 30's.

Oh, also low libido during this time.

Then after some stress that had lasted a couple of months I had eczema like patches of skin start to appear on my wrists, neck, waist & thighs, had no libido also. This lasted for one month and then by luck I discovered information about progesterone cream. I used the cream and within 30 minutes the 'eczema' was less irritating and by the end of the week was gone.

I did have estrogen dominance symptoms so I just used more cream and have no sign of any 'estrogen dominance' anymore. I just generally go by how I feel as suggested here.

Thank you again

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Feb 03, 2012
Hormone Imbalance & PMS Improvement
by: Wray

Hi Leanne Bless you for telling me this, and the kind words too! And thank you for reading the info on the site, it is all there as you've discovered. And you're using progesterone as it should be used, as and when needed. Stress does drop progesterone levels, we can never tell what symptom will appear, ie your eczema, or if the ones we have become worse. So if stressed use more, exactly as you did. Incidentally, now you're using progesterone, I hope you won't get a vaginal infection. It's protective against them, whereas oestrogen is not, in fact it worsens it. We do have more info on our Candida page. I do hope you are not using the Contraceptive pill now, as all drug based contraceptives have the potential to harm. You might have read my info on vitamin D, but in case not please have a test done. It's so low in people living in the UK. For more info on vitamin D levels, testing etc see the Vitamin D Council, GrassrootsHealth, Birmingham Hospital and Vitamin D Links websites. Blood levels should be 70-100ng/ml or 175-250nmol/L and not the 30ng/ml or 75nmol/L most labs and doctors regard as adequate. The minimum daily dose should be 5000iu's per day, although the latest research indicates it should be 10,000iu's per day, see here. Take care Wray

Feb 17, 2012
by: Leanne

Hi Wray,

Thank you for your response, I'm aware a lack of Vitamin D could be involved in my symptoms thanks to the information here and I will look into having a test done.

It's just a great relief to feel so much better!



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