Hormone Balance Please

by maat

2 years on HRT Femoston 1/5
3e year HRT and progesteron cream femostron 1/5 and dr lee progesteron cream 20 40mg this Helped for joint pain

Now i stoped the HRT for a month and only use the cream Progesteron.

Joint pain

more weight gain

Hope this wil straithen out soon.

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Oct 11, 2016
tried more progesteron en is working for pain in hips
by: Anonymous

i use 80 mg two times a day and it is working for my pain, i had cervix cancer and because radiation and chemo in menopause, in a few weeks time i could not walk normal because it hurts in my bones. i get HRT and that was working for a short time, then there was high bloodpresure and water retention.weightgain, moodswing and feel of a cord around my chest. the pain in my bones was coming back. i was reading about dr lee and tried. it worked perfect. so i was using duble HRT and cream. so i stoped the HRT.the weight becomes more. so i read here and now use 80 mg two times a day and it is working from the first day. Maybe becose i already use this for a year? only my weight hope to get rid off.

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