Hormonal Imbalance

by Agnes

I am writing this in the desperate hope that someone can tell me where to purchase this progesterone cream, which has so many healing properties.

I have had a total hysterectomy, which also resulted in a underactive thyroid. I am on medicine for thyroid, which I don't think helps and my weight has gone up by 3 stones. I am always exhausted and feel really dizzy with vertigo, life is pretty difficult. Stress has also played its part, as I get even more exhausted when upset.

My score was 90, when I did the questionnaire, so I know my hormones are definitely unbalanced. Please could I have the U.K. supplier of the cream. Kind regards.

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Mar 29, 2010
Hormonal Imbalance
by: Wray

Hi Agnes. Your score was very high. A hysterectomy throws a woman into hormonal turmoil, removing the ovaries not only stops ovarian oestrogen, but progesterone too. Unfortunately our fat cells continue to make oestrogen, but they don't make progesterone!

Oestrogen also causes the thyroid to slow down. Progesterone, being thermogenic, does speed up metabolism slightly. Please have a vitamin D test done, as a lack of this impacts on the thyroid. Living in the UK you probably have too low a level of vitamin D. You can either get the cream from Organic Products here, or an associate in the UK who can guide you in it's use. Take care, Wray

Sep 11, 2012
Message for Wray
by: Agnes

Hi Wray,
I am interested in becoming a U.K., stockist for the Natpro Cream! Couls you post me a link with the info, I would be grateful!
Kind regards,

Sep 12, 2012
Message for Wray
by: Wray

Hi Agnes We'd be delighted if you joined us in spreading the word! There are not enough doing so. We have over 200 distributors, but when you think there are 7 billion on the planet now.....well! We have two options you could look at, one an Associates program, see here, the other a bulk stockist. This doesn't require any paperwork, it can just be ordered directly from the order page here. Once you click on the add to cart page, you'll notice in the yellow section, under the fields asking for quantity etc.....
Special offers: 3 tubes $69.00, 20 tubes $345.00
For re-sellers: 100 tubes $1,265.00
Take care Wray

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