Hormonal acne

by Amy Roberts

I'm here as I'm on a quest to cure my acne. I'm 25 female and have had breakouts constantly on the lower part of face chin/mouth area. I am on the strictest diet posssible and take supplements also. I have tried everything and I mean everything... doctors, naturapaths, nutritionists, liver flushing, detoxing, pill, every form of diet you can think of. I've exhausted it all.

No one and nothing can seem to help me as I know my acne is NOT food related as I eat very cleanly nothing processed and the rest of my face is flawless. I feel that is not good enough just to accept that acne is a part of my life and I cannot understand why I can't cure it as something is telling me the inside sysytem of how my body is working is not right otherwise why is my body expelling toxins through this part of my face same spots for 10 years and no where else.

I've found doctors know nothing about this and can't seem to find anyone or anything that can cure me. After spending hours researching again I've stumbled apon this website and have purchased progesterone cream. It has been 2 days since using the cream and I am curious if this is finally th answer I have been looking for. I found your site extremely helpful and useful and full of info I was not aware of at all. I didn't realise that progesterone cream was even an option, no one tells you this.

Anyway I really look forward to see if this is finally the cure I am after. If so it will change my life, no more depression as I have this only because of how my acne makes me feel. So I will keep you updated... my doctor suggested putting the cream on my actual acne but I feel this will clog the pores even more? Arh! I've vented enough but will keep you updated!

Thankyou for this site :)

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Oct 27, 2009
Hormonal acne
by: Wray

Hi Amy. Thanks for the kind words! Progesterone can help if the problem is related to hormones. But please also take 100mg/day zinc, Solgar make a good one. Theirs is 22mg/tablet, so take 5 per day. You'll need to do this for about 1-3 months, maybe longer, then reduce it to the normal 15mg/day indefinitely. Stress exacerbates acne, the progesterone is very calming, as it activates the GABA receptor sites. GABA is one of our most calming neurotransmitters, so it should help with any stress you have. Please try to get a taurine cream to apply to your face, this has been found to help, if it contains vitamin B3, B5 and D3 even better. Take care, Wray

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