Hoping um finally on the right track

by Helena

Ive shared my story thus far .However 3 months ago after weeks if no sleep and pusging nysekf through every task, I had a complete breakdown unable to get out of bed for weeks. I was given antidepressants and sleeping tablets, even though my estrogen was 4 times what it shoukd be and my progesterone was less than .5 After 3 months unable to even leave the house ad I was so wiped out and flu like i weaned my self of antidepressants and was able to reduce the sleep meds. Finally another doctor has given me 400mg per day progesterone troche which I know is not really what gets into your body, and Im back to sleep maintenance issues which is what sent me over the edge months sgo rendering me unable to function.I had the doctor give me cream instead but its only 80mg per day .I know in my heart this will not be enough initially and I want to be uo around 200mg.If I apply 3 times per day (240mg) is 6 hourly ok and does skin have to be fleshly clean.Ill know when I can sleeep more than 4 hours thst Ive overcome the estrogen. If im mot able to function in the next 3 months I can kiss my job goidbye.

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