Hopelessly Lost: Progesterone Cream, Estrogen Dominance, and Early Periods

by J.B

Hi Wray,

I am in my early 20's and have been dealing with PCOS since I was 13 years old, while I have no cysts on my ovaries, I suffered from a variety of other PCOS symptoms including being overweight (fat deposited in my midsection), hypothyroidism, and lack of a regular menstrual cycle. I attempted multiple treatments but nothing seemed to do the trick.

Approximately one year ago I decided to search for a natural solution to my problem. I located a naturopath in my area and since seeing him I have embarked on an exercise regimen, low carb diet, multi vitamin & vitamin D supplements, natural thyroid medication, chromium for insulin resistance, and finally and most importantly natural bio-identical progesterone cream.

I was prescribed progesterone cream in December 2012 as a saliva test of my hormones revealed that I was extremely and seriously estrogen dominant with hardly any progesterone located within my body. My naturopath explained that the test also indicated that more than likely I was not ovulating properly. Since I did not have regular period (I would go months on end without having one) my naturopath encouraged me to pick a day and start supplementing with progesterone cream.

I am currently taking Bezwecken Progonol 1/4 teaspoon a day from days 12-26. I was elated when I began using the cream because I finally started to have a regular period and actually feel better. Yet, there have been some questions and concerns that have developed since I have been using the cream.

My problem as well as my question is the following. Since I have been using the cream my period has come earlier and earlier. I thought it would take a couple cycles to adjust but it will be a year of Progonol supplementation in December and my period has now been coming every 15 days (This started to happen January/February) also my flow has been slightly odd, the actual period it will either be excessively light or the flow will come in spurts. Concerned I wasn't using enough cream or doing something wrong I contacted my naturopath. He suggested that I quit using the cream all together to see if my period would come naturally. Not only did my period not arrive but I experienced horrible symptoms bloating, anxiety, etc.

I started back on the cream and have searched the internet for possible solutions or direction because my naturopath has been out of reach and at the same time has seemed to be unsure of the next step as he has admitted I am his only patient with this issue. Despite doing extensive reading I am hopelessly confused, frustrated, and desperate for help. I want to continue using the cream but from what I've read if not using it at the right time or enough of the cream it really won't help with estrogen dominance.

So if anyone is out there and reading this and could offer me any advice or help that would be greatly appreciated. I really need some direction.

Thank you.

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Sep 17, 2013
Hopelessly Lost: Progesterone Cream, Estrogen Dominance, and Early Periods
by: Wray

Hi JB You are only using 20mg/day progesterone, this won't do anything for PCOS. I take it Bezwecken can't help you? The silence from sites selling progesterone is extraordinary, they should give back up. The typical 20-40mg/day that is recommended does not raise levels to that found in the luteal phase. One study found that using 40mg/day "…. only low plasma progesterone levels were found (median 2.5 nmol/l)". The ranges for the luteal phase are 15.9 - 63.6 nmol/L (5 to 20 ng/ml). Men secrete <3.18 nmol/L (<1 ng/ml), see here. Progesterone is invariably low in PCOS, so are all the antioxidants. It's caused by oxidative stress so large amounts of progesterone and antioxidants are needed to reverse it. Other nutrients are needed too, to initiate ovulation, which is also something which rarely occurs, and to reverse Insulin Resistance. The PCOS page I've given you gives all the nutrients which have been used successfully to reverse it, please consider taking them. Progesterone alone won't be enough, even in high amounts. Take care Wray

Jan 12, 2017
Saliva testing
by: Anonymous

Have you done a saliva hormone panel? If not, definitely get one done. extended periods of progesterone supplementation without testing got me into a world of trouble. People say on this board that you can't get too much of it but that is most DEFINITELY not accurate. You CAN get too much, and it cause very serious issues.

Hopefully a saliva test will help guide you.

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