by Katherine (LuLu)
(Redmond Washington / USA)


After the insertion of an IUD at age 31, I developed PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) leading to 10 months of antibiotics and other pharma that did not resolve the issue, which led to a laproscopy and tubal ligation and three more months of antibiotics.

This destroyed all quality in my life and led to numerous diagnoses: severe colitis, CFIDS & ME, MCS, severe adrenal insufficiency and electromagnetic sensitivity plus I tested as auto-immune. I suffered from that point until menopause at age 54 with SEVERE PMS meaning I only had about ten days a month where I felt semi-okay and was not bed-bound. Menopause stopped the PMS but the chronic fatigue continued.

I only knew about conventional medicine at that point and NO ONE in that field even thought, considered or addressed the chronic yeast problem caused by the overuse of the antibiotics OR the fact that the surgery led me into early peri-menopause. I am now 76 and did not learn of the peri-menopause until about five years ago when I called into a radio show hosted by an MD who specializes in functional and anti-aging medicine! And even though I then knew the basis of my years of weakness, fatigue and overall poor health, I didn’t know what to do about it.

I was a divorcee raising my three children and went back to school through all of this, although I was unable to attend many classes in person, and obtained training / degrees / certifications in natural medicine and worked as an alternative, nutritional therapist and as an environmental specialist / consultant as part of a team with an alternative MD who specialized in classical homeopathy. (By the way, I knew Theo Colborn personally. She was a lifelong friend of the physician I worked with. Brilliant woman pioneer.)

I tried every modality known to alternative and Eastern medicine and was finally able to function better, although inconsistently. I could not predict in the morning how I would feel in the evening nor could I predict one day how I would feel the next. Homeopathy, acupuncture and nutritional supplements were blessed helps.

I also adopted an organic, local diet, which helped my adrenals, my liver, and my thyroid, completely lost my sensitivity to EMFs and somewhat restored my gut. Still, my original strength has never been restored and I must live very carefully and do not have the quality I would like.

I tried a progesterone cream from Australian about five years ago and I finally began to feel ‘normal’. Then all of the practitioners I knew said, NO, so I stopped.

Then, three years ago I was hit by a car in a crosswalk and obtained a TBI in addition to physical injuries. After that, I lost my precious, youngest son. I went into a nose dive and the health I had gained disappeared; in fact, I fell apart and the progress I had made was lost. A year ago I did see an ND who specializes in compounded BIEST/PROG/TEST and felt better nearly immediately but only for a week then got fat, blew up with retained water and got the blues. The doctor didn’t have a solution. So I stopped.

I rated a 64 on your site test and am wanting to restart progesterone, and try NatPro. I am hoping it will help with the TBI, which has improved some but not to pre-injury status, help with my latest diagnosis of osteoporosis and improve the quality of my life. And maybe if I feel better, it will help heal my broken heart. I may need adjuncts, but other than adding estrogen, of which I am leery, I’m not sure what to do. I take large amounts of Vitamin D along with K2, NAC, magnesium, etc.

LOVE and appreciate your site—credible and well-researched; it was my very great, good fortune to find it.

Thank you again and again.

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Jul 14, 2020
Hope after all of this??
by: Joy

Hi Katherine

I was saddened to read your story. It was such a pity that you stopped using progesterone, it was clearly helping you. I am pleased that you stopped the estrogen and testosterone. As you have probably read on this website, they are not recommended. I suggest that you use progesterone only. If you do decide to use Natpro, between 100-200mg per day is needed with No breaks. You may need to use more, it all depends on how severe symptoms are, you will have to experiment with this to see what suits you. Progesterone therapy is not an over night fix, it takes time and patience. Use half the amount in the morning and the other half at night. Please read How to use Progesterone Cream and Estrogen Dominance pages.

You might also like to read the TBI page if you have not done so already. Please continue using vitamin D3 and the other nutrients mentioned.

Good luck and I hope that things improve for you soon.

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