Holy Cow

by Wilimina
(San Diego)

Currently my periods are extremely heavy with lots of blood clots. I basically spend most of my 2-3rd day in the bathroom, toilet or tub.

I currently don't have much discomfort. A year or two ago I had lots of pain on the right side of my pelvis and was diagnosed with fibroids around 2.5 cm. The OBGYN I saw wanted to do a full hysterectomy. I am way passed childbearing years ( that went by fast) so he believed remove it all since the ovaries wouldn't be function much longer. I was 50 at the time.

I said yes, but then changed my mind. Started getting Acupuncture, pain went away.

Periods still strong, I kept believing menopause was around the corner. Started taking chinese herbs prescribed by the Acupuncturist around 2 months ago and get this amazing to treatment by the Acupuncturist monthly. It only takes 5 mins and the bleeding usually decreases to half by that night.

However, yesterday was a different story the bleeding and clots was overwhelming. I call my Doctor and she prescribed Progesterone, 10mg, 3 times a day for 3-5 days.

Luckily I have an OBGYN appt this week (3 month wait).

Little bit nervous about taking the Progesterone because of possible side effects. But I've got to go to work

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