Histamine completely ABSENT - Feel terrible

by JW

Quick background:

Relatively normal hormones growing up but with estrogen dominance symptoms. High histamine, high libido.

Went on oral contraceptives at 16. KILLED my libido (no ovulation and therefore histamine) so stopped 18 months later.

7 years later, still no libido (or quality of life whatsoever)

Discovered progesterone at 22 yrs old. Went immediate to a high dose of 300mg/day because I thought I was a "severe case." My testing showed very little progesterone AND very little estrogen AND high testosterone. P to E ratio of 35:1.

I stayed there for at least a year, waiting and waiting for my libido and sense of well being to return. Nothing. I now know my dose should have been 120mg all along. The high dose killed ovulation and libido as well.

I spent months tapering to 120mg/day. I've been there for four months now. My periods are returning, but not regular yet. But my problem is I still have BARELY any histamine which is CRUCIAL for libido, well-being, motivation, happiness etc.

HOW LONG does it take for histamine to return? I've been years with unbalanced hormones. I'm only 24 yrs old now.

Do I have to quit progesterone altogether? Or will it eventually return?

Does anyone have experience with this?

Thank you!

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