hemorrhage and emergency surgery

by Maggie

Hi Wray,
I love your hard work and passion to help others. Your site is incredibly informative. I have a question. I am 43 and miscarried at 10 weeks (it turns out it was a blighted ovum) and hemorrhaged for 15 hours and then had emergency surgery (D&C) which has controlled the bleeding. I was on the progesterone cream (80mg) daily. Forgot to take it to the hospital and have not had it for 2 days. My question is, is it contraindicated at all when you've had a hemorrhage, can it start the bleeding again? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Feb 23, 2015
hemorrhage and emergency surgery
by: Wray

Hi Maggie Bless you for the kind words, sorry to hear about your miscarriage and the haemorrhage. Progesterone is not contraindicated, in fact it helps heavy and/or continual bleeding. We do have a page on Menstruation you could look thorough. At the end are several nutrients to take which all help, often progesterone alone won't be enough. I have found that 400mg/day and more are needed though, 80mg will not touch sides. I assume you wish to fall pregnant again, so please take a look at our page on Pregnancy and another here. Vitamin D is essential, please have a test done. Take care Wray

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