Help...Ive been bleeding for weeks with massive blood clots

by vintageoceanleilani
(Tweed Heads Australia)


Im not going to go mega into detail about my rollercoaster life. 6 years ago after giving birth my periods went out of wack. No period for 6 months, then bleeding for 2 or 3, basically random periods for the last years. I have been to naturopaths, homeopaths, chinese medicine, juice diets, full on excursize, some raw foods etc..GPs whoes only cure is to go on the pill or metformin.

I take B vitamins, magnesium, supplements, etc
Im tire all the time. Ive been told I have PCOS (yes ive had ultraounds with no symptoms) and Endometriosis, and Insulin Resistnace. Im overweight obese. I come from a background of healthy eating, skinny, yoga teacher with no issues with weight of healthy eating. Now i cant control my life, I try and eat healthy but it feels like my body is all over the place and my hormones are taking over my i end up yoyo eating, carbs, and heavy burgers and pastas with wholfood smoothies, vege juices, raw fats, nuts, salads high protein etc.

im over it basically, and over the intense bleeding.

I dont want a quick fix pill, I know how to adopt a healthy lifestyle, I am just seriously out of balance.

Help me please

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