by Jenny
(Alabama USA)

I’m a 62 year old woman who had a hysterectomy29 years ago with one ovary left. Lately I was having anxiety & depression and Effexor was prescribed. Was on a 0.1 Estrogen patch for 10+ years. Was having hot flashes Turing red. Stopped patches thought I might not need them. Anxiety got worse not better. Was prescribed Xanax as needed. A half was all I needed. My friend said I needed Progesterone 200 mg my Dr called it in. Taken 4 nights now and I wake up with very puffy eyes. At 62 what is needed ? Any hormones at all or just estrogen patch or both?? Help!!!

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Dec 12, 2022
by: Joy

Hi Jenny

Oh dear so many women suffer as you are right now. Please read the Menopause pages, see here and here. You are also suffering from Estrogen Dominance because of the HRT that you are using. All drug based HRT's have a potential to cause harm One just has to balance the hormones, there is absolutely no need for the drugs that you have been given. Many of them are addictive like Xanax. I will leave you to do your own research on that as well as Effexor. I do hope that your doctor discussed the side effects with you.

We do not believe that any woman needs to take extra estrogen as mentioned many times on this website. There are well over 100 estrogen mimics in our Environment as it is. Why it is prescribed is beyond me. It adds to estrogen dominance symptoms. It is an excitatory hormone, whereas progesterone is a calming hormone. It is also a mitogen causing fat cells to proliferate causing fat cells to multiply.

I am so pleased that your friend suggested progesterone because that is what you need. However, if it is not used correctly it will not work. You say that you have taken it for 4 nights, is that in pill form? If so that is not the best Delivery Method as around 96% gets destroyed to the gut and liver, see here. Please consider using a good quality progesterone cream such as Natpro which is a 3% cream and was formulated over 30 years ago. Progesterone should be used no less than twice a day, half the amount in the morning and the other half at night. This prevents progesterone levels from spiking. Usually between 100-200mg is needed per day every day with no breaks. It can take 2-6 months before progesterone becomes the dominant hormone. Your puffy eyes are due to excess estrogen and water retention. Progesterone is now aggravating it which is what is needed in order to become the dominant hormone but if not used correctly it can cause issues. Please read the How to use Progesterone Cream page and the Anxiety page may also interest you. Perhaps some of the calming nutrients will help you.

Have you had your Vitamin D3 level tested recently? If so, is it optimal as mentioned. A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone. Cofactors mentioned are vital.

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