I have a hormone pellet because I'm in menapause .... I haven't had a period in a year since I started the pellet now I've been bleeding for 17 days so my dr thinks my estrogen is stacked and put me on 400mg a day of pogestrone ....

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Jan 10, 2015
pellet therapy nightmare
by: gail

So the pellets didn't work for you. I also did pellets had not had a cycle in over a year in less than a month after pellets started cycling again first on was seven to eight days in about a month another cycle that lasted 11 days then would start back for a day or two mentioned it to Dr he said your having irregular bleeding (had no problem with that before pellets) so he said we need to do ultra sound to see what's going on did ultra sound said he saw something in uterine area then said I need to do a hysterscopy to see exactly what's going on so did that got results back he said uterine area was fine but had abnormal tissue in cervical area nows says he needs to do a colposcopy also said hormone levels showed I now have to much estrogen and he steadily pushing doing another pellet insertion told him NO. I'm trying to have yet another cycle with little bleeding but cramps are very intense. It was 4 Jan 3 since pellet insertion hoping they are used up so I can try to start getting back to some kind of normal. Will NEVER do pellets again. Pretty sure that Dr is fired. He didn't seem concerned that he now has me estrogen dominant. How long did it take for you to get hormones back to where you aren't cycling?

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